Yahoo Will Give You $358.80, $117,500,000 As Data Breach Compensation

That’s True!! Yahoo Will Give You $358.80 if you had a Yahoo Email account between 2013 and 2016 to settle a class action lawsuit.

Yahoo!! They are offering $358.80 to their customers. Obviously, there is a procedure and eligibility. Check here if you are eligible or not for this amazing offer. Major eligibility rolls around the Yahoo Email account makers between 2013 and 2016. This is a sought of settlement from a class-action lawsuit addressing directly to Yahoo. You can claim this offer from : ———————————- ———– There are basically 2 ways to claim this offer. One is online and second is the using mail. Officially, last date to claim the offer is : July 20th, 2020. Also checkout this.

Can Also Claim Credit Monitoring Services (Yahoo Will Give You $358.80)

Yes, its true!! We also got some information claiming that if one is eligible for the offer but is not willing to take it. They got some stuff for them too. Two years of credit monitoring services are available for the eligible customers. Seems like this offer is a sought of compensation for Data Breach. Yahoo basically planned to payout $117,500,000 (Yahoo Will Give You $358.80 each to eligibles) to those suffering by this data breach.

This Is What Email’s Recieved By Affected Customers Said:

This Is What Email’s Recieved By Affected Customers Said:

“A Class Action Settlement has been proposed in litigation against Yahoo! Inc. (“Yahoo”) and Aabaco Small Business, LLC (together, called “Defendants” in this notice), relating to data breaches (malicious actors got into system, and personal data was taken) occurring in 2013 through 2016, as well as to data security intrusions (malicious actors got into system, but no data appears to have been taken) occurring in early 2012 (collectively, the “Data Breaches”).”

Here are the details about the options we have:

Option 1 (Credit Monitoring Services): “I wish to receive Credit Monitoring Services. And I understand Credit Monitoring Services will be provided for a minimum two years, starting from when I activate services.
I understand I will receive an activation code and instructions on how to enroll in the Credit Monitoring Services from the Settlement Administrator later. Instructions will be sent by email unless I did not provide an email address, in which case instructions will be sent by U.S. mail.”

Option 2 (Alternative Compensation): “I wish to receive Alternative Compensation. and I understand that this payment will be $100, but may be lower or may be up to $358.80, depending on participation in the Settlement. I hereby CERTIFY that (all must be checked if you wish to receive Alternative Compensation)”

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