Will TENCENT make gaming smartphone?🤔

TENCENT! A Chinese company almost everyone is aware of. No doubt, it is world’s biggest gaming company. PUBG is the most accurate example of the fact.

Recent reports which are not staunch, commit to the fact that TENCENT is working on their own gaming phone.

TENCENT contacts manufacturers!!

Latterly, TENCENT calls off the tech industrialists like Razer, Asus, Weitai Technology and Black Shark, in order to pretend their very first step towards the project. Although, any news isn’t confirm about it. Moreover, no clues are found yet against the mobile prices and it’s gazette.

Close to 460 million in China play mobile games

Yup! That’s right. More than 459 million people in China are using gaming mobiles. Now, the interesting fact is that the addition of the same type figures by Japan(328m) and US(127m) equals the China’s scenario.

History and future of Mobile Gaming

Basically, NOKIA started this trend by launching – N Gage in 2003. This later took the flight with the modern era. Since few months, mobiles like black shark, red magic, ROG, iQOO and many more have changed everything. Beings are eagerly waiting for 5G which hopefully will cover full market.

5G means – play anytime, anywhere

IT industrialist – Min-Liang Tan (RAZER’s CEO) in a talk with Abacus said – 5G speed could mean, gaming anytime, anywhere. This could definitely be extremely beneficial in bringing profits home for them.

Well, these were all the secondary things. Coming to the reality, they are required to sell hardwares above all odds. Rather, some of the reporters suggest that they aren’t getting any better upshots for their gaming mobile launch. Also, the growing market makes it more difficult to bring the hardware up the list. Specifically, the Chinese market could play a vital role. Clearly, there are 50 on 100 chances of the project success. So, what do you think? Will TENCENT make it or not? Reply me in the comments section.

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