Will PEWDIEPIE be banned? 🙄

Yes, I know that headline must have shocked you! But, that’s just a way to express the expected odds. So, starting from the subscribers count. Both PEWDIEPIE (94,029,414) as well as T-SERIES (93,943,591) have crossed 93 million subscribers. In fact, PEWDIEPIE already surpassed 94 million landmark.


It all started this year only. This was the time when both were close to the 93 million subscribers mark. God being kind, T-series started surmounting PEWDIEPIE. Ultimately T-Series acquired the very first slot for the longest time ever of all time. This was something uncomfortable for PEWDIEPIE team. And also became a matter of Gealousy.

Cheap PEWDIEPIE recieves pungent orders from Delhi HC

Calling PEWDIEPIE cheap is a little devastating for their fans but their actions are popping out the similar vibes. PewDiePie’s gealousy crossed all limits. They silently took the revenge by uploading 2 videos through their channel. These videos constituted of some irrelevant content against INDIANS. T-Series argued about these defamatory remarks against Indians. Initially, they recovered saying –

‘all this was done in good fun’

They also added – ‘it wouldn’t be repeated!’. But later, On the 31st of March. The YouTuber uploaded another disaster titled as ‘CONGRATULATIONS‘. This video also included vulgar and abusive comments. The Delhi HC was brought into the act. They have ordered the eviction of PewDiePie’s diss tracks against T-Series viz. ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Bitch lasagna’, Bar and Bench reports. Moreover, the results are still pending due to the next hearing on 15th July. Till then, stay tuned with us for everything latest in the market.

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