Valve reveals Steam Library Update at GDC.

We all know it, we all Love it. Steam, Valve Corporation’s digital distribution platform is getting a new look in its oncoming update.

Valve showed off the new look of Steam at GDC on Thursday showcasing the new library view, highlighting a redesigned page with large game thumbnails and more categorization around what’s going on with your games.

Steam new look

Some features of the new library include:

  • Integrated Friends list on the Right Hand column
  • Top module shows recent Games you have been playing.
  • Large Thumbnails for all of your Games.
  • New look for the games list on Left Hand Column.

The biggest update is for the Library is the addition of “Tags” to the library page. Tags are similar to the tags Valve has been using on the store for years. It will make managing games in your Library Child’s Play as it should be.

Assumptions are Valve is going to release a Beta Version of the new UI in summer this year. Till then, all we can do is wait. We will keep you updated on the topic. You can subscribe to GameItToday’s newsletter or Notifications to get the content delivered to you. Till then,


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