UAE parents demand ban on PUBG after India. Is it justified?

PUBG is one of the most successful game of this decade, it is a complete package of entertainment and creativity. Most of the PUBG’s matches are of 30 minutes connecting 100 players together and the lone survivor wins. A straight, short, virtual, and kinda violent act for victory.

PUBG's mobile game addiction took another life.
PUBG’s mobile game addiction took another life

But the BATTLE ROYALE GAME has now became an addiction for some players. An addiction that may end up with fatal mental illness. Recently, a boy of class 10 committed suicide because his teacher scolded him for not studying enough for his exams and continuing to play PUBG instead.
The number of fatal cases is constantly growing up.

PUBG has given rise to a lot of controversies already and has been banned in some states of India. Further, a request to ban this game all over India has already been sent.

Now, Parents from UAE and all across the world are demanding to ban the Battle Royale game because they witness PUBG as a “bad influence on youth”.

PM MODI’s words on PUBG:

Recently, in the second annual ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha,’ a concerned mother asked the prime minister about the constantly growing addiction of kids to video games. He responded by commenting, ‘Yeh PUBG wala hain kya?’



Later on, He didn’t really ask children to move away from ‘technology’ but did mention that it can be harmful if used in excess.

A Dubai resident, Gulnaz Arif Moula, said to Khaleej Times: “The PUBG should certainly be banned because it negatively affects the minds of children, which makes them very aggressive.” Kids took this game so seriously tgat they only have the goal to win in this game. ”


The addictive nature of the game has also been a cause of concern in the Philippines. The addictive domain of the game is wide enough that it is affecting students as well as adults. In fact, Government employees in certain parts of the island have been served with the notice that if they are caught playing the game in the office they may be asked for resignation.

A lot of players are facing the same addictive problem with different values on their respective scales. So, better to find a straight way out of it.

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