Top small Business ideas for gamers

If you love playing games and you are also a gamer by heart like us at GameItToday you can never stop Gaming. So, won’t it be absolutely amazing if we can turn this passion into a profession/business and make some bucks while Gaming?

Here are some profitable business ideas for gamers that may actually help you turn your passion of Gaming into profession:

YouTube Creator

Youtube Gaming
YouTube Gaming

Creating Gaming content on YouTube is probably the most commonplace business idea for Gamers. You can be as creative as you want with YouTube. You can do Reviews of Games, In-Depth Discussions, Walk-thrus, Trivia, and Commentaries. There are endless Possibilities with what type of content you want to offer your viewers. We have a lot of examples like Shroud, NadeKing etc.

Live Streaming

youtube and twitch
YouTube and Twitch

Live streaming can be considered as a blessing of the modern Internet. Streaming games is a really great option if you are a good enough gamer and an interactive person. YouTube and Twitch are the two most famous platforms to stream games. There is a lot of examples of Gamers-Streamers like Ninja, Pokimane etc. that have become internet celebrities now with millions of followers. You can also check our article on Top 10 Female Streamers of 2019.

Gaming Blog

GameItToday’s Homepage

Modern internet has made making a website so easy that we can start from scratch and be up and running in a couple of days. Gaming Blogs are a great way to engage readers by providing them with great content that is both informative and entertaining. Another option being to be a writer at already existing websites and provide the content to readers without going through the hassle of creating a website yourself. We at GameItToday are also in a constant search of content writers. If you are interested, Contact Us.

Gaming Cafe

gaming cafe
Gaming Cafe

Gaming cafes are becoming a new trend in 2019. We have seen a 20% growth in gaming cafes last year and the trend continues this year as well. Cafes are great because they give a chance to Gamers to connect and play with Gamers in their locale. Further, Gaming Cafes owners can also organize gaming events and competitions that will be attract more customers as well as act a second source of income to them.

Esports Tournament Organisation


With the rise of online gaming, Esports are becoming more and more popular these days. There are numerous big and small organizations that organize Esports tournaments. People even don’t need to be physically present at a spot to participate. You can ask them to join a lobby and Live Stream the whole tournament at your and participant’s convinience.

Start a Game Development Company

Top Game Development Companies
Top Game Development Companies

Each Game we enjoy has thoughts of a visionary and blood and sweat of a bunch of nerds. If you think you can really make it big in the Gaming market, starting a Game Development company is the biggest and best option. There are numerous names like Rockstar, Activision, Bluehole, Ubisoft, EA etc. So, If you have the talent, accrue your bunch of nerds, create a masterplan and get going. There is a behemoth of gamers waiting for awesome games and this market will never end.

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