Top CS:GO (Counter Strike) Teams

Counter Strike (CS:GO) is a legendary game. Recently, new updates were released on account of its 20th Anniversary. We are going to list up Top CS:GO (Counter Strike) Teams of all time which will add up some more to their celebration.


G2 Esports is a Spanish Sports Organization whose Headquarters located in Berlin, Germany. Its a professional organisation. Also, this organization hosts squads in League of LegendsHearthstoneRocket LeaguePaladinsPUBGRainbow Six Siege and Super Smash Bros Melee.


A professional Gaming Organisation established in Hamburg, Germany. Always interested in all games but this company is majorly known for its presence in Counter Strike.


ENCE was found in April 2013 by Petri “Procyon” Hämälä of Peliliiga. Formely known as ENCE eSports is a Finnish organisation.


Again, AVANGAR is a Professional Multi Gaming eSports Organization in Kazakhstan. It was created in summer 2017 and is CS:GO roster.


NATUS VINCERE is a latin meaning – ‘born to win’. It is one of the leading multigame Esports organizations from Ukraine. In fact, its the 1st team to win three legendary in a single calendar year namely Intel Extreme Masters, Electronic Sports World Cup and World Cyber Games 2010.


This team is so versatile that it is a champion in games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Halo. Players of fnatic travel more than 25 countries to participate in over 72 events all around the year. There major achievements include ESPORTS Team of the Year Award in 2006 and 2009.


A professional organisation found in 1999 in United States. EVIL GENIUSES is one of the oldest of Esports. Counter strike was started in 2000 for EVIL GENIUSES. They were at its best in 2009 because of compLexity Gaming‘s former roster.


Team Vitality is a Professional esports French Organization. CS:GO (counter strike) came into the act in October 2018.


ASTRALIS is a Danish Professional Organisation which is partially owned by former Danish Team SoloMid/Questionmark. Its rights were established from Finnish Counter-Strike team itself.


In 2000, Team Liquid was found in Netherlands in order to bring up most successful players of all time. January 13, 2015 was the golden date for Counter Strike division to begin with Team Liquid.

This team is majorly linked to its website — which was launched on May 1, 2001. This website features Brood War, StarCraft IIHearthstoneDota 2Super Smash Brothers: MeleeHeroes of the StormOverwatch, and Counter-Strike.

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