Top 6 Female Streamers in India in 2019

6. Shagufta Iqbal


In the gaming community, she goes by name Xyaa and she is my personal favorite. She realized that she wanted to pursue gaming as a career when she started playing CSGO. Her fans enjoy her live streams on her YouTube channel named Xyaa which has more than 44,000 subscribers. She also has a Twitch channel named xyaa which has nearly 4000 followers.

5. Mysterious YT


The owner of the channel is Shajia who plays a lot of multiplayer games. The most played game by her is PUBG.
She created her Youtube channel named Mysterious YT
in July 2018 and the channel has over 117,000
subscribers. Further, her channel has over 1 million + views. Apart from gaming, she is an Interior Designer.

4. Girl GamerON 2.0

girlgamer 2.0

Her real name is unknown and We don’t know very much about her. But she started her channel named Girl GamerON 2.0 in August 2018 which has over 60,000 subscribers right now. Her channel has over 1 million+ views. She mostly plays PUBG in her live streams.

3. Rog Stream


Her real name is Annie and she lives in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She created her channel named RogStream in July 2011 but is posting regularly from last 7 months. Now the channel has over 200,000 subscribers with over 12 million+ views. She is also on Instagram with the username rogstream.

2. Ankkita C

ankkita c

Ankkita is a new player in the streaming community. She created her channel named Ankkita C last year in June. The channel has more than 83,000 subscribers in just 1 year. The channel has more than 3 million+ views. She is also on Instagram as ankkita_c.

1. Pooja


The name of this streamer is not only popular on YouTube but she is also popular in the Indian TV Industry. She is an actress in the Television Industry. She has been part of CID( SONY T.V), SANKAT MOCHAN MAHABALI HANUMAN (SONY T.V), and ICCHA PYARI NAAGIN (SONY SAB). Some of her episodic roles were in ADAALAT(SONY T.V), AGENT RAGHAV(&T.V), CRIME PATROL (SONY T.V), SAADA HAQ (V CHANNEL), KAUN HAI? (COLORS T.V). Her channel has now nearly 270,000 subscribers with over 17 million+ views.

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