Top 5 YouTubers Of PUBG Mobile Bring Life To Gamers

Enough has been said about this game i.e., PUBG. Now, its time to disclose its promoters. So, we are here with some PUBG stuff. It’s exactly as the title says — TOP 5 YouTubers of PUBG mobile.

Every youtuber puts all possible efforts in order to bring useful content for all. Please subscribe to the channels of these youtubers if you are true GAMER. #Top 5 YouTubers Of PUBG Mobile

1.) Dynamo Gaming (4.7 million subscribers)

DYNAMO GAMING is a youtube channel owned by Aditya Sawant. He is famous for his well known tagline — ‘Patt se Headshot’. Dynamo Gaming is the most popular name in India when it comes to YOUTUBERS (PUBG).

Aditya tops the list with close to 4.7 million subscribers on his channel. He is the one with great snipper skills. He is efficient with both EMULATOR and MOBILE. Since, there is always a reason why someone is at the top.

2.) Mortal (2.6 million subscribers)

mortal gamming

Naman Mathur, he is the owner of a well spread over channel named MORTAL. The growth and journey has been exceptional. This growth resulted in 2.6 million subscribers on his YOUTUBE channel.

He is one of the most known PUBG players in INDIA. As one of his biggest achievement, he stood at 5th position on Asian level. His plans for this year are such that he is preparing for PMSC 2019 Taiwan. This is basically a PUBG tournament.

3.) Kronten Gaming (1.5 million subscribers)

Kronten is a YOUTUBE channel that posts stuff on PUBG. The one running this channel is CHETAN CHANDGUDE. If you are a regular PUBG player, he must be a familiar name to you.

One of his biggest achievements include his leadership of the team Godl. He streams almost everyday on YOUTUBE. Resultantly, the subscibers count is more than 1.5 million.

4.) Gareebo (1 million subscribers) 

Gareebo is a top class gamer and youtuber with over 1 million subscribers. He is popular amongst everyone due to his unique talent. He can adjust the voice using softwares to bring a cute childish voice.

This youtuber can play pretty well using emulator too. His shotgun skills are extraordinary. Some time before, he used to take down a team with only 1HP with S12K.

5.) Maxtern (357K subscribers)

May this youtuber lacks behind in the subscribers count but he is no less at game play. This channel is founded and handled by Max. He has brought MAXTERN to 357K subscribers count. He is a tricky player who currently is in UME Clan.

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