Top 10 Female Streamers of 2019

Here is a list of top ten female streamers according to the Internet

1. AnneMunition


AnneMunition is an American Twitch streamer and internet personality. She became a full-time streamer in June 2015 after gaining some traction. AnneMunition became a Twitch partner in 2018. Currently, She has 485,034 followers on her Twitch Account. She also started a YouTube channel named Anne Munition and currently has about 60,165 subscribers. She also won $6250.00 USD in prize money from a Tournament in Esports.

2. Danucd

Her real name is Dana Gard and she is known as the Queen of Bootcamp. She mostly plays PUBG. Danucd opened her Twitch channel on January 9, 2018, and started producing content on April 30, 2018. Now she has over 162,837 followers on her Twitch account. She also has a Youtube channel named Danucd which has over 99,962 subscribers.

3. ItsSky


Her real name is Aiste. She started gaming when she was very young as she was excited to discover virtual worlds. As she grew older, she began watching YouTube videos and dreamed of growing up to become a streamer. She created her Twitch channel in April 2017, named ItsSky. Her Twitch channel currently has about 121,189 followers. She also created a YouTube channel named ItsSkyLOL which currently has over 146,567 subscribers.

4. KayPea


Her real name is Kelsie Pelling, she started gaming on a PC when she was eight years old. She started playing LoL while in university and began streaming her gameplay. Her Twitch channel named KayPeaLoL was started in April 2013, and now has about 726,194 followers. She also created a YouTube channel named KayPea in August 2013 and has about 620,370 subscribers.

5. LilyPichu


Her real name is Lily Ki. Lily started playing video games since she was a child. She completed a two year music degree before pursuing full-time in streaming. She created her YouTube channel in 2006 named LilyPichu and started creating content for fun. Now she has more than 1.6 Million subscribers. She also created a Twitch channel named LilyPichu which has currently gathered over 635,119 followers.

6. Loeya


Her real name is Liah and she grew up in Sweden and began streaming in July 2017. She is known to her fans for playing shooters like Counter-Strike and Fortnite. She created her Twitch channel named Loeya in July 2017 and now have more than 667,000 followers. Her YouTube channel named Loeya has about 209,695 subscribers.

7. Miss_Rage


She is an online gamer who is particularly known for her Twitch live streaming channel. Her channel has gained widespread popularity for her Counter-Strike: Global Offensive broadcasts. She started gaming in April 2012. The first game she played was League of Legends. She has a YouTube channel named Miss_RageLoL which has more than 69,000 subscribers. Her Twitch Channel named Miss_Rage has more than 360,738 followers. She won $5000.00 USD in prize money from an Esports tournament.

8. NoisyButters


She is a YouTuber who runs the gaming channel NoisyButters, where she shares gameplay footage as well as stories from her daily life with her 315,616 subscribers. Her real name is Hannah Bryan. She is known to stream games like Call of Duty and Guitar Hero. She also has Twitch channel named NoisyButters where she has more than 46,000 followers.

9. Pokimane

Her real name is Imane and she is my personal favourite. She is fluent in both English and French. She is master in Fortnite and League of Legends which she streams on her Twitch channel named Pokimane. The channel was started in June 2013 and now has more than 2.8 million followers. She also has a YouTube channel named Pokimane which has nearly 3.4 million subscribers.

10. xChocoBars


She is an online gamer who is known for her xChocoBars Twitch live streaming channel. She has gained popularity for her League of Legends live streams. Her real name is Janet Rose and she was born and brought up in Toronto, Canada. She has 443,309 followers on her Twitch account. She also has a YouTube Channel named xChocoBars which has more than 149,300 subscribers right now.

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