TikTok Videos Banned On ShareChat?

ShareChat is reportedly forced to take down TikTok videos from its platform. This is after they received notices stating that TikTok has exclusive rights over the content. #TikTok Videos Banned On ShareChat.

It had exclusive copyright on certain content due to agreement between them and creators. ShareChat has declined to comment. TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, also clarified that –

“sole right to initiate and control legal action including takedown requests,” as per the reports.

ShareChat’s earlier case with Bytedance-owned Helo:

Few months back, the Delhi High Court disposed of a case filed by ShareChat against its rival HELO. ShareChat condemned HELO and blamed that its a complete copy of its own app. They added that HELO copied their design, features and also the look of individual icons. It’s owners also accused HELO for copying various posts and comments by ShareChat users.

Moreover, sharechat pinched its own readers for attributing them to fictitious people on its own app. Owners Added — ByteDance was unfairly bidding on the keyword ‘ShareChat’ on AdWords (Google’s advertising platform). To secure a higher placement in a Google search for that keyword.

Sharechat claims that this constituted copyright infringement also gave the impression that ByteDance owned Sharechat.

However, the case is finally all set aside after Helo made several changes, including its design and content.

Reports state that ShareChat has received multiple takedown notices from ByteDance Technology. They also have complied with them as they have shared legal contracts. They are also stating their ownership to this content. This is a statement from ShareChat spokesperson to ET in an email. Questions sent to TikTok were not answered.

FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE are also in the queue

Facebook and YouTube users also have posted some of the TikTok stuff. It is not clear that these two platforms received takedown notices as well. ByteDance also sent questions to Facebook but didn’t receive any response. YouTube replied —

it doesn’t mediate copyright claims and it is between the parties involved. 

Some technology experts are asking about TikTok’s exclusivity claim. Will it affect the intermediary status of social media platforms? Till then enjoy under the IT Act. Platforms are using this status to argue they have no legal liability arising out of content posted by users. TikTok had used this status to argue against its ban in Madras High Court in April. Allegedly hosting content is dangerous for children. TikTok Videos Banned On ShareChat? Are we answering your questions. Reply through your words.

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