TENCENT To Raise Shares in Cloud Computing

Tencent Holdings Limited!! This company name is so much in news all the time. Definitely, its for the good causes. More importantly what made all the difference matters. My answer of all time is PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds). Well, this name is no surprise at all. Almost all of us play PUBG and we love it. Ryt? So, after planning to enhance the company growth. Owners decided to intensify their positives in Video Games. TENCENT To Raise Shares in Cloud Computing Sector is a news that seems to be quite similar.

TENCENT To Raise Shares in Cloud Computing looking to beat Alibaba. There is one more important thing that TENCENT is well known for , especially before PUBG. It is the WeChat messaging app. Since, many are already shifting towards cloud on PCs. DOWSON TONG, in his very first interview just after potenting Tencent’s Cloud and Smart Industries group said:


“I think we can start from where we have advantages”

DOWSON TONG At Tencent’s Headquaters In The Southern Chinese City Of Shenzhen :

“Our focus will be to capitalise on the advantages that Tencent has with the global video games Eco-system, and help more customers – some of whom are Chinese businesses going overseas, some of whom are local game developers in foreign markets”

On increasing focus on business analytics and its servings — MorningStar Analyst — Chelsey Tam said:

“This segment will drag down the margin of Tencent”
“compared to 2C, 2B has a very low penetration in China and strong growth potential”

Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. Still at No. 1 With 43% Share and TENCENT To Raise Shares in Cloud

According to Canalys ( a researcher) has confirmed that from a very long time Alibaba is dominating Chinese Market in every field (almost). Same scenario is seen now too i.e., 43%. This is even more than the combined shares of Tencent, Amazon.com Inc and Baidu Inc, the next three largest players in the market.

This large difference is pushing Tencent Industries to target mobility, fitness and finance too. They are looking forward to expand their business in cloud computing internationally. Making their links stronger with places like South Korea, Southeast Asia to spread business in cloud gaming.

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