Stadia Gaming platform by Google: Questions Answered

“The Future of gaming is not a box, ” according to Google, “It’s a place.” With that very notion in mind, on 19th March 2019, Google announced its Cloud Gaming Platform, “Stadia” at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). The platform seems like the beta version of the Future of Gaming. It’s a bold vision of where the Gaming Industry is heading.

Google Stadia
Stadia by google

Although, Google has just given us a glimpse of what it is, Here are some of the most frequent questions about Stadia and their answers.

What is STADIA?

STADIA is a cloud platform by GOOGLE where you can formulate games if you are a developer, you can play games if you are a game junky on your chrome browser without the need of an Expensive Gaming PC or a console.

How to use Stadia?

As envisioned by Google, using Stadia will be as easy as streaming a song, Just find the link of the game anywhere on the Internet: it may be on the Developer’s Website, Discord or a Google Search link. Just find the link, click play and Boom, You can experience what would have required a $2000 Gaming PC and hours of downloading and Installing time with a single click and any of your devices.

What are the accessories you need?

For gaming at 1080p 60FPS (to be increased to 4K 60FPS) with Stadia, you will need Just a Wi-fi connection and a Stadia game controller (optional). The most amazing thing is you can access on any screen just with a single click, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, TVs, mobiles anything. Another great aspect is that you can actually switch from one screen (big or small) to another without losing your game progress because the game is actually being played in the cloud, not on the device.

Some great features of the Stadia controller include:

  • Google Assistant Button to access Google Assistant in-game.
  • Button to start Live-Streaming on YouTube with a single press.

How will we stream on YouTube?

Google is working on Stadia with the vision ” Create + Scale + Connect.” Therefore, Google is joining three disjoint worlds of YouTube, Game Development and Gaming. We can stream the game to our YouTube Channel with a single press of a button on the Stadia Controller. A different stream will directly stream from the cloud without us having to stream it from our device. Moreover, A person who is watching your stream can join you in the lobby with a single click. Hence, as Google says “It is like a conference room for Gamers,” seems completely true.

How good will the Gaming Experience be?

The Gaming experience will be pretty amazing in the words of Google. Both the personal and YouTube streams will run 1080P at 60FPS in HDR Quality. Google also confirms a reliable and strong cloud connection. Furthermore, according to Google, it is just the beginning. Stadia will be able to stream at 4K at its launch. Google also plans to increase the resolution to 8K at 60FPS later down the line.

How and when will we get it?

Stadia will be available in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and parts of Europe in late 2019. There are no pricing details available for the cloud services.

Although we have tried our best to answer each question we can find, there is still a lot left. Certainly, we are left with no information about the release in Asia and the rest of the world. Furthermore, there is no information about the ownership of the games. Like, will we own the games on the cloud or not?

We certainly hope to get more information about the Gaming platform of the Future soon. Till then, all we can do is wait. So, that’s all for the day folks. We will keep updating about Stadia. Subscribe to GameItToday‘s newsletter and our notifications to get the latest content delivered to you.


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