Sixth sense Technology: A basic sense for the digital world

After successfully being able to re-invent almost everything god created, human race has now invented a new sense. We are talking about “Sixth Sense”. The technology is developed by Pranav Mistry, an Indian born Computer scientist and inventor who is the Global Senior Vice President of Research at Samsung and the head of Think Tank Team. Sixth sense is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around to digital information. Further, it enables us to use our physical gestures to interact with that information. Moreover , it can project any type of information literally on any surface. This projection is easily interactive.

sixth sense


• In 1990s, a man named Steve Mann met a failure with his very first attempt for a neck worn projector with camera combination.
• This process was further proceeded by Pranav Mistry.
• Pranav Mistry and Steve Mann were in MIT MEDIA LAB and PhD students in the fluid interfaces group.

How it all started?

It all started with using the rollers of 4 different mouses together in order to bring a change in the communication process with the system, which fortunately worked well.


The hardware components are coupled in a pendant like mobile wearable device with different components :
• CAMERA :It is the digital eye of the system which captures everything including what we see and what we do. We can also click pictures using our hand gestures.

• PROJECTOR /Mini projector :It projects visual information enabling surfaces and physical objects being used as interfaces.

• MIRROR :The mirror reverts the projection coming out of the projector in order to reveal the information on our desired surface or object.

• MOBILE COMPONENT: Smartphones being a crucial part comes into the act when the user needs to Search the web, gaming, videos, pictures, editing, other software issues, etc.

• COLORED MARKERS: Usually worn on the tip of the fingers. Red, yellow, green, blue colored tapes are used to make the device recognize your gestures inevitably.

sixth sense

Gestural recognition

Gestural recognition is basically a subject in computer science with a desperate purpose of interpreting human gestures via mathematical algorithm. Following the rules of the same subject there are defined various kinds of physical gestures that can be understood by the system using the combination of the components used. Taking the example of a Handy gesture which is also one of the most common gestures, you can take pictures , with just forming the shape of a square or a rectangle using your fingers and thumbs.


The applications of this amazing technology is bringing everyone on a roller coaster ride. A healthy relationship is being built between physical and digital world. In fact, Pranav Mistry, the developer of the technology kept the concept of involving physical body in his mind while in the discovery process. Some of the key points that can be crushed out of this technology :
• Check the time just by drawing a circle on your wrist.
• Take pictures just by forming the shape of a square or a rectangle using your fingers and thumbs.
• After taking the desired no. of pictures, you can also zoom and edit them using those handy gestures only.
• Drawing application helps the user to draw any thing on any possible surface using finger tips.
• All types of readings can be done like news , book, magazine, and many more.


• It is a portable device (obviously).
• It completely connects the physical or (say) real world with the digital world.
• The main objective was to transform the sitting robots on the chairs to the actual humans.
• Very cheap.
• It supports multi-touch and multi-user interaction.


• The only one disadvantage of this amazing technology that I personally feel is that, it is not very useful for the disabled ones.
• Also , hardware limitations can minimize the uses of this technology.
• However, post processing may also occur.

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