Rivalry of AirPods: Apple or Samsung

Wireless earphones are the new technological trend of listening to pleasant music. A war is going on between Samsung and Apple to capture the market share and we can’t miss it. Today, we are going to inspect Apple AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds on their quality, features and price. So, let the battle began.


Samsung Gear IconX vs Apple Airpods

1. Pairing:

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have ease of connectivity with android. They come with a prompt and you just tap to connect them. They even work with Apple’s iPhone but the user has to push some settings manually.

2.Apperance :

Apple’s AirPods are still with the primary look of earphones. They look exactly like normal earphones whose wire has been cut off. Meanwhile, Samsung’s Buds have a better small size that fits completely inside the ears. So, If you care about looks go for Samsung’s AirPods.

3.Sound Quality:

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds come with superb noise reduction and they have an equalizer so you can set the type of base and music you want. Shift it soft, hard, base order or any other as your choice. Meanwhile, for Apple’s AirPods, the sound quality takes a bit of Backseat compared to that of Samsung’s.

4.Smooth retention in ears for long:

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds fit perfectly with a good grip as they do not fall while you running or skipping. They are designed soft and do not hurt even with their hourly use. So for gaming, they are perfect. Apple’s AirPods are also surprisingly secure and comfortable. It coes down to personal choice in this category. Some may prefer Samsung while some Apple.

5.Battery life:

The most crucial aspect is the inspection is battery life. Well, here Apple’s AirPods have a better life of 24 hours with the case over 13-hour life of Samsung’s. Moreover, apple shows a clear indication of how much battery is left while Samsung is missing out in that aspect.


Samsung ‘s Galaxy Buds are cheaper than Apple’s. Apple charges $159 while Samsung’s price i$129.

There are several other features like Google assistant and better noise reduction which are better built in Samsung’s Buds. Yes, Apple’s AirPods come with Siri as well but Samsung’s assistant felt much crispier when compared to Apple. In Samsung’s pods just tap on them and they connect you with assistant this is similar in Apple’s but the tap sounds hard. So that makes Samsung’s a winner in most but still they need to work on battery display. In my opinion, if you own an Android, definitely go for Samsung’s Buds and it is still a better option to go for AirPods if you own an iPhone.

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