Reddit’s New Feature – LIVE STREAMING

reddit’s plans to expand their business

REDDIT undoubtedly is one of the most used social apps. It’s active users must be familiar with these kinds of words. Basically, you are anonymous to post almost anything you like on reddit. As their new update, REDDIT is on its way to launch the feature of LIVE STREAMING.

R/PAN – REDDIT Public Access Network

Reddit is the one to get all the credits to bring R/PAN up the bar. It’s been a lot hustle in the way on r/pan and u/Infinade. Some of the user on reddit expressed their views tremendously. Let’s have a look :

“Reddit giving us a dick tickling tease here” offered another.


Reddit is busy digging marketing awareness for RPAN(REDDIT Public Access Network). They authorities had been working and planning for it too hard. Within a month, we could be using this feature apparently.

R/PAN, timings and live streaming

As the owners (Product Manager – Deborah Hsieh) confirm that R/PAN is a temporary expriment just to test the effect caused by it. If goes well, who knows this could become a permanent one. Since it is temporary, its timings to run would be 9am to 5pm. It’s definitely possible for live streaming to launch on next month.

Root Causes of live streaming

I am live now!!!!

At times, live streaming can be extremely pathetic. Let’s take the example of facebook! It’s about a man (early 2019), who brought up a fire accident into the streaming screen. Fire was in a mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. As soon as facebook deleted this 17 minutes streaming, thousands had already watched it on their devices. So, apart from entertainment and all. We as users are required to maintain a line.

R/pan’s Product Manger Deborah Hsieh joined this project in the later half. He is making it sure to provide proper and strict safety guards in order to avoid issues like the these.

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