Red Dead Redemption is Being Remastered by Modders

It has been quite a few years since the release of Rockstar Games’ masterpiece. The game had managed to evade the PC platform for quite some time now. Modders have officially taken it upon themselves to release a standalone version for the PC. The project, called Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project, will be based on the RPCS3 version.

The project is not only to enhance the visual fidelity of the game but also to work on its optimization. The game runs fine on the Xenia/RPCS3 emulators after almost a decade of its release.

The first few screenshots for the project have already been released, and they look absolutely gorgeous. A visual makeover can work wonders sometimes, and this project is living proof for the same.

The project promises higher quality textures, UI/UX elements, and an in-game HUD. The team also plans to bring draw optimizations, shader and model updates, and other features. The team have released a trailer detailing what to expect from the project when it comes out:-

Playing Red Dead Redemption was any PC gamer’s dream back in the day, and this project intends to make that happen. There’s only one nagging worry – about Rockstar Game’s interference. Rockstar has not taken too kindly to “game modifications” of late, punishing makers of such mods quite vehemently. Should the project go through smoothly, the team can achieve something Rockstar never could – deliver on a functional PC port for the game.

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