Ransomware hackers hit nearly two dozen american cities

Ransomeware – virus attacked around 2 dozens of american cities

Ransomeware hackers hit 23 american cities of texas including the government agencies. Notably a well planned cyber attack.

Ransomeware is a kind of destructor from Cryptovirology that forces the fatality to swallow out all their information or (say) data. Although, the title says it all for the article. Still, we have more to share about Ransomware hackers.

Americans lacking behind in protection from Ransomware hackers

Ransomware targeted different states and cities and resultantly different locations.

A study done in MAY 2019 endangers around 169 of them to fail to protect themselves. The malware everytime was found to be ransomeware (Ransomware hackers). Although, these US cities have faced some issues like these earlier too. Now, what makes it historic is the coordination and accuracy with which the systems are hacked.

Hackers used Sodinokibi, according to ZDNet.

It is being reported (according to ZDNet) that  Sodinokibi is the malware used by the hackers for the cyber attack execution process.

Hackers used Sodinokibi, according to ZDNet.

Reports also say, the hackers got a well deserved retirement. Thanks to the huge amount of more than $2 billion wrenched in. May it be lack the lack of security or anything else but they actually deserved this much. This operation took its shutters down in june.

Internal factors creating issues

national issues making this difference between hackers and government security

It’s been 5 years since AMERICAN CITIES are facing these contentions. This year Baltimore was attacked at a compensation cost of $10 million. Moreover, a city in FLORIDA paid $460,000 in ransomware in June for the same cause.

We can’t even predict the level of unworth for the american cyber security department. Still, hatsoff to the hackers for their hardwork and cheers to their success. What does your point of view says, reply in the comments section.

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