PUBG mobile on STEROIDS and on PC!

Don’t you hate getting emulator players in your match while you are busy ranking up on your 5-6″ inch mobile device? For those who want to get the PUBG PC action but don’t have ₹999 to spend on one game can have a shot at PUBG Lite.

PUBG Lite has been released on PC for low-end devices. Available for free on the PUBG Lite website you can download and play straight after logging in with your PUBG account. But there is a bit of complication, it requires a VPN to access the game from most of the regions.

Most of the VPN‘s can be used to access the game by selecting the region as Thailand but we recommend using Nord VPN. It has been released any other Asian countries but Thailand supports the best ping of all.

The game’s release date in India is yet to be confirmed by the developers. It is expected to be released at some stage between now and the end of 2019 but with no announcement, it’s understandable that the developers are being cautious with their expansion to different countries, testing the waters.

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