We all play it, we all love it. PUBG Mobile, the game that took the world by storm since its launch on the platform is now the highest grossing game in the world.


The Tencent-owned Battle Royale was launched on the mobile platform in 9th February 2018. The game caught momentum just after it was launched owing to the exposure it already had gained from its PC version. The game has never looked back since then. Its popularity has been increasing steadily since its launch.

The game, although being F2P (Free to play) has brought in about $146 Million in revenues last month. The revenue generally comes from in-game purchases like skin and clothes to customize their Avatars according to their choice.

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The game has over 400 Million downloads and over 50 million daily users outside China.

The game has faced many problems in India and many other countries. Check our coverage here. The game still has shown impressive numbers and will surely continue to amaze us even further.

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