PUBG Killer!? New Battle Royale game for mobile devices

NetEase recently announced their new game Cyber Hunter, a battle royale for mobile devices available on both Android and iOS. This is a first Sci-fi battle royale with elements of parkour, lasers, and futuristic gear.

You play as a wanderer and wander around the 6×6 km map collecting supplies, killing enemies and at the end be the last man standing just like a normal battle royale. So, what different you ask? Here is where Cyber Hunter stands out-you can grab abilities as you level up that you use to detect your foes’ signals, become invisible, or build barricades. You can tear apart buildings, too, and use the energy to power spy drones.

“Beyond bringing BR to a new futuristic setting, Cyber Hunter really pushes the limit of wacky weapons and added abilities in-game. Players can turn invisible, gain the ability to see enemy signals, or deconstruct buildings around them,” a NetEase spokesperson said over email. “The weapons include a shotgun that heals allies in friendly fire and a grenade launcher that is made specially to demolish buildings. The vehicles get even crazier. For example, the Cerberus can transform into a battle mecha, the Windrider can transform into a plane, while the Dawnbreaker has a destroyer wheel. Altogether this adds a level of customization and mayhem to the battle royale experience that we believe fans will really enjoy.

We played a bit of Cyber Hunter and here is the honest review we had about the game:

The game is really fun to play with. In the beginning, it is as easy as it gets but ranking up and moving up the tiers will have you putting your head in the game more and more.

No game is perfect; Cyber Hunter has also got its fair share of bugs which affect the game but in my opinion, it’s still less than the bugs in PUBG mobile.

The solo matchmaking takes time to find a game. About 40-50 seconds, not much but still a big difference from that of PUBG mobile. This is because at the moment there’s not much of a player base but this will improve over time.

Overall, we find the game very fun to play and with great potential. Let’s see how it turns out to be.

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