PUBG Is Dying? Reached At Lowest Of Its All Time!!

PUBG!! (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds)!! A game that took the world by storm. That dominated whole Gaming market this constantly for almost two years. A game that stole millions of gaming hearts. Its frustrating to write something negative about such a legendary game. Is PUBG Dying? We do have something to discuss about it. Definitely everything is correct till now but what may not be the same after some time passes.

Although games are not something to be immortal. Still I suppose, it became like for people. PUBG has setup standards that ruined every game’s life. They once even had more than 3.2 million players at same time playing PUBG. This crushed every other game breaking DOTA 2‘s record.

The twist comes on 9th of September. PUBG recorded their lowest per day player count on this day. This number was even less than 6,00,000. There were 594,297  players per day count on that day exactly. This might have up in your mind about the no lesser numbers were counted on this day too. You are right but this was still the lowest. This shows the high standards and love of people for PUBG.

Tragedy here is that the players’s count Graph has been dropping like hell after PUBG’s peak time. This is the actual reason what fears me. What forces me to ask Is PUBG Dying? again and again.

Other Games Like Fornite and Apex Legends Earned Profit Due To PUBG Trend

Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends were amazing in their own ways. Definitely, they were not getting the kind of domination and attention they wanted. Not domination but PUBG helped somehow to get that attention on games like PUBG to be played. PUBG brought this trend into the market bringing profits for the other games with same things to do in.

Is PUBG Dying? Due To A Lot Of Bugs In It!!

There are a lot of people loosing interest in PUBG which is resulting in loss of player counts day by day. This all may be because of a lot of bugs in the game itself. Although, creators are trying their best to bring the same dominance back. They are consistently bringing updates like Ledge Grab, the BMDR-2, exploding Gas Can, etc to keep gamers engaged. Hoping for the best for PUBG lovers. ——-JAI PUBG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!——-

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    Himanshu Garng

    (10th October 2019 - 9:56 am)

    Well, it is inevitable, all things (especially games) get hyped up for sometime and they die after some time

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