PUBG banned? Here are some exciting FPS Games

As PUBG is banned in some countries just like TikTok (You can read about it here). To fill the void, we gathered some crazy FPS games on Android to give you a feel of the First-Person-Action.

1. Modern Combat 5

modern combat 5 game

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a first-person military shooter that gives you a real video game experience from the palm of your hand. Customize your soldier’s loadout and special abilities to best suit your playstyle — more options are unlocked as you rank up. The gameplay is smooth and the controls are easier to manage than most shooters. Moreover, You can modify all settings, including audio, control, and HUD. Modern Combat 5 has beautiful graphics and runs without hiccups even on low-end phones like Redmi 4a.

There are many new game modes in Modern Combat 5 like PvP multiplayer mode which consists of five game modes: Free for all, VIP, Squad battle, Capture the flag, Zone control, and Team battle. Moreover, The game has minimal ads, though it does have some micro-transactions.

2. Guns Of Boom

guns of boom game thumbnail

Guns of Boom is a bright and colorful cartoony first-person shooter. The game delivers one of the purest competitive online shooter games for Android. This game has already established itself as an Esports game on mobile and has international tournaments every year.
The matches are 4v4 which take place in various colorful maps. The maps allow for a mix of rush assaults, close quarters combat, and long-range sniping.
One of the Guns of Boom’s biggest strengths is how easy it is to load up the app and jump right into the game. Alternatively, you can spend time in the menus connecting with friends or organizing with a clan, or dive into the Arsenal to buy and upgrade new weapons and health kits using in-game cash and gold. Hence, Guns of Boom may give you the feeling that it’s pay-to-win. But, that might be the case once you get up to Level 30 with the hardcore players who may have invested up to $100 or more into the game. The game is super generous with cash and powerups if you work towards completing daily challenges and grind away.

3. Critical Ops

critical ops game thumbnail

A game still in its beta but worth checking out, Critical Ops is a game to look forward to. At the moment there are three game modes to choose from: bomb defusing, team deathmatch, and gun game. You cycle through different weapons every time you kill an opponent.
It feels like a mixture of Call Of Duty and Counter-Strike which gives us good graphics along with easy controls. The best part about this game is it’s not pay-to-win. Yay!

4. Call Of Duty Mobile

call of duty mobile game thumbnail

Call Of Duty, an all-time favorite on Consoles and PC’s will be coming to mobile later this year. We are hell excited about it as it is being developed by Activision and Tencent, two major names in the industry. We have a dedicated article on Call Of Duty which you can read to know all about it.

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