PS 5 Important Details That No One Shared

We all know that a company like sony would introduce all its Playstations with best Specification and looks. The new Sony PS 5 looks exceptional and special. Definitely, it looks like something out of a sci-fi.


1.) CPU OF PS 5

  • A variation of AMD’s third generation Ryzen processor.
  • 8 cores of the new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture.
  • Current prediction : 16 threads at 3.2 Ghz

The heart of the PS5 will be the processing power that it uses to create the experiences of the next generation. While we most certainly will address the debate between a physical and cloud-based console.

2.) GPU (8k graphic)

  • First gaming console to support 8k graphics.
  • GPU is a variant of Radeon’s Family.
  • Current prediction : 14.6 teraflops of computing power.
  • Ray tracing Graphic (first time in a gaming console)

3.) RAM Memory

  • Current prediction : 24 GB GDDR6 RAM + 4GB for the operating system.

4.) HDD Memory

  • SSD confirmed for PS 5 bandwidth than anything on the market.
  • Spider-Man running on ps4 took 15 seconds to load after fast travel. On ps5 it took only 0.8 seconds !
  • Streaming is on the table, but details are yet to be reveled.

5.) 3D Audio

PS 5 will take gaming Audio to the next level with 3D Audio setup. This will be built into it’s custom AMD chip.

6.) Internet/Network

You may think of internet as something everyone has access to. You’re wrong if you think so. There are millions yet to be connected.

Google’s parent company –Alphabet– is already on the task with something called Loon. They plan to deliver 3G – wireless internet to even the most remote places on the surface of the Earth.

The project involves launching balloons 20 miles into the atmosphere to create a global network.

7.) Dual shok 5 Controllers

The PlayStation’s dual shock controller has evolved into an almost perfect device with the PS 4.

The creators of PS 5 will have a hard time improving its design. Using the advent of holographic technology, Sony could replace the touchpad with some sort of miniature projector.

8.) Backward compatibility

Sony Confirmed this! The PS5 will in fact be backwards compatible with PS4 games as we accurately predicted years ahead of time. The PS4 and PS5 share a similar architecture which is a win for Gamers.


We have a rumor to share about it. Its that Rockstars Games may launch its 6th game series GTA 6 with Sony PS 5 at the middle of 2020. Is it a collaboration? Reply us in the comment section.

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