Pokémon Masters: A new Pokémon Game!

Pokémon Masters

A couple of months back in a surprise Pokémon event, The Pokémon company announced various new products. The one that caught our eye is the latest Pokémon game called Pokémon Masters.

The new Pokémon game, Pokémon Masters, made by DeNA, is a battle game that you play on your Android and iOS devices.

In the trailer released on June 27, we get to see that the game will be a 3v3 real time Pokémon battle. Having all the past and present Pokémon trainers, it sure will be welcomed by all the fans.

We now know the location of Pokémon Masters in relation to the Pokémon world, an island called Pasio. Pasio is man-made and is special because it allows Pokémon and Trainer to create these Sync teams, something they haven’t been able to do. Apparently, Trainers come from all over the world to try this new style of battling and this is how you find them. They are all there to try out this new system. At least that’s the story.

The game focuses on building teams with other trainers and competing in the Pokémon Masters League. Players will meet up with trainers and other characters from previous regions to form teams of three. Some recognizable characters include Misty and Brock from Kanto, Cynthia from Sinnoh, and Flannery from Hoenn.

The gameplay revealed many new battling mechanics in the game. For starters, battles are three versus three and have six Pokémon out battling simultaneously. Another big change is that battles unfold in real time. Pokémon’s attacks use up energy from a “Move Gauge” that refills in real time.

In addition to the Pokémon, trainers themselves become active participants in a battle. “Trainer Moves” support their Pokémon and can heal them or can raise their stats. The video also mentioned “Sync Moves.”

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