Petition to give visas to Indian PUBG Mobile teams.

Indian PUBG MOBILE teams got their visas to Berlin rejected! A huge disadvantage to INDIAN TEAMS.

PUBG – the game of the millennium! This game took the world by storm. Three teams from our country stood up strongly to compete for the world with mobiles in hand playing PUBG. Recently, these teams were supposed to fly to Berlin and compete at International level with teams like US, GERMANY. Unfortunately, some of our players got their visas rejected.

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Team SouL, TeamIND and Indian Tigers have been the winners of the Indian qualifiers for the PMCO. SouL had won quite convincingly, proving their dominance in the game, while TeamIND and Indian Tigers came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Team India

Sc0utOP, who plays for TeamIND, has mentioned that the prime reason for rejection of their visas was the absence of any proper body in India for the governance of esports. MortaL had mentioned a similar thing on his channel. Neither of the teams was successful in getting a visa on the first try. With the Prelims coming on July 26th, tensions are running high.

Not getting a visa on re-application would mean playing from the NODWIN office in Delhi, which would mean playing at a major ping disadvantage. Considering the fact that India has got a spot in a PUBG Mobile international tournament is nice, but being forced to give it up for visa problems and a ping disadvantage is a damper indeed.

Video by Mortal:

We hope all teams get their visas on re-application, and they manage to reach Berlin in time for the tournament. You can sign the petition here (started by us) or join the Twitter movement #IndiaatPMCO started by Rakazone Gaming. Finally, We really hope the government would take some steps to motivate and support Gamers seeing the potential of Gaming as a future career.

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