PEPSI to defend Russian Gamers by displaying ads in space…..

Pepsi advertisement in space with an astronaut.

A lot is discussed about the decision changes by PEPSI everytime. Following the same tradition, we came across a news – “PEPSI to defend Russian Gamers by displaying ads in space.”

StarRocket’s Business Model

Star Rocket company logo

A Russian company named– StarRocket– who embarks cube shaped satellites into space generally known as Cubesats. It then entangles to form hefty square forge sails reverting sun rays back towards EARTH. However, these rays do not cause any damage to beings living on earth. Rather, it is just enough to be noticed.

How will PEPSI ads be unveiled? 🙄🤔

Pepsi logo displayed in sky!

Every satellite used in this operation is capable of delivering messages due to it’s stratospheric pixel. And hence, shall display ads of Pepsi too. However, there are no confirmed reports about it.

How will these ads support Russian Gamers?

Adrenaline rush soft drink.

Unfortunately, Russian Gamers are judged as unemployed waste by The Russian Society. As a buttress to these gamers, PEPSI is introducing a soft drink namely —Adrenaline Rush— with ads unveiled in space. Resultantly, they market themself to Russian gamers. “StarRocket” uses ORBITAL BILLBOARD in these kinds of operations.

Pepsi also mentioned that they believe in StarRocket team’s capabilities. So, they undoubtedly rely on StarRocket until no issues are faced. Also, The final output of these advertisements may appear in 2021.

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