PUBG banned? Here are some exciting FPS Games

As PUBG is banned in some countries just like TikTok (You can read about it here). To fill the void, we gathered some crazy FPS games on Android to give you a feel of the First-Person-Action. 1. Modern Combat 5 Modern Combat 5: Blackout is a first-person military shooter that gives you a real video […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook at a March 25 Apple announcement event.

Apple Arcade platform will cost them 500 million??

According to an exclusive report by The Financial Times, Apple is reportedly spending half a billion dollar for its news gaming services Arcade. Talking in brief about Arcade, Apple introduces Apple Arcade — the world’s first game subscription service for mobile, desktop and the living room. Arcade services will be featured as 100 new and […]


TIK TOK , also known as ‘Douyin‘ in China is an app used to record and share short videos publically. It origined from China in September 2016 by the name -‘Douyin‘ and across in 2017. In October 2018, it also became the most installed app in U. S. With this amazing history in contact, TIK […]

Will TENCENT make gaming smartphone?🤔

TENCENT! A Chinese company almost everyone is aware of. No doubt, it is world’s biggest gaming company. PUBG is the most accurate example of the fact. Recent reports which are not staunch, commit to the fact that TENCENT is working on their own gaming phone. TENCENT contacts manufacturers!! Latterly, TENCENT calls off the tech industrialists […]


Is the Blackhole image really the work of a single Woman?

After about a century later, Albert Einstein gave his theory about black holes, we were finally able to see it for the first time. On, 10th April 2019, NASA realeased the first ever picture of Black Hole. The sole credit for the picture was given to the algorithm written by Katie Bouman by the mainstream […]

Will PEWDIEPIE be banned? 🙄

Yes, I know that headline must have shocked you! But, that’s just a way to express the expected odds. So, starting from the subscribers count. Both PEWDIEPIE (94,029,414) as well as T-SERIES (93,943,591) have crossed 93 million subscribers. In fact, PEWDIEPIE already surpassed 94 million landmark. Gealous PEWDIEPIE! It all started this year only. This […]

internet black hole


We all use the internet for searching, emailing, gaming, music and for many other things. Every time we request anything from the internet it delivers us the corresponding data in small data packets. But when some of these packets go missing and can not be tracked through any technique . that is where we use […]

Mad to insane – A real life PUBG now? 😱

Winner takes £100,000 home directly!! Playing too much of PUBG (player unknowns battle grounds)? Many of us have come so far that we are just one step away to peep out of our consoles and smartphones and find a place in real life. However, it felt quite impossible to hear about a millionaire who is […]


HALO INFINITE costs more than ENDGAME to make?

HALO: THE MASTER CHIEF COLLECTION is an alien combat action game. The next chapter of this famous franchise is right around the corner. It is getting scripted and titled as ‘HALO INFINITE’ and has the biggest ever budget in the gaming industry. The budget set by Microsoft and 343 Industries for Halo Infinite is reportedly […]

surviving mars

Surviving Mars Game to Get Its Second Expansion

Surviving Mars is all set to get its second expansion. Titled “Green Planet”, the expansion brings terraforming to humanity’s attempt to colonize the Red Planet. Players will be able to change the environment of the planet surface to make it suitable for living. A host of new structures and gameplay changes are also making their […]