JioFiber Announced Its Gaming Console

Recently, Reliance Jio has introduced Jio Games as a part of the Reliance JioFiber at the AGM 2019. At the JioFibre launch event, Reliance demonstrated the gaming capabilities of the jio set top box, in brief about the console. Must be looking forward to enhance the model after release. HIGHLIGHTS The jio Set top box […]

Ransomware hackers hit nearly two dozen american cities

Ransomeware hackers hit 23 american cities of texas including the government agencies. Notably a well planned cyber attack. Ransomeware is a kind of destructor from Cryptovirology that forces the fatality to swallow out all their information or (say) data. Although, the title says it all for the article. Still, we have more to share about […]

Reddit’s New Feature – LIVE STREAMING

REDDIT undoubtedly is one of the most used social apps. It’s active users must be familiar with these kinds of words. Basically, you are anonymous to post almost anything you like on reddit. As their new update, REDDIT is on its way to launch the feature of LIVE STREAMING. R/PAN – REDDIT Public Access Network […]

GTA 6 – Hidden information

The GTA series has produced some of the most controversial but also some of the best games ever made. What’s more, GTA games seem to be consistently improving with each new release. GTA V is one of the best-selling games of all time. We are here with Hidden information about GTA 6 just for you. Grand Thief Auto […]


Every month dozens of new video games flood the market. Some of those make it to our list of most difficult games to play. The game Red Dead Redemption 2  (maybe coming to pc) allowed fans to fulfill their fantasy of being a cowboy in the Wild West. While God Of War gave the players an opportunity […]

Now Your Voice Will Play Games For You – ALEXA

Since we all have heard about the amazon’s ALEXA. Would you believe if I say – Alexa is powering new games where you can control actions with your voice (Now Your Voice Will Play Games For You – ALEXA). Basically, Voice is a new gaming frontier. Pioneers of voice games are reimagining a whole new […]

August – Top 20 gaming memes(#this month’s laughter)

We make tremendous efforts to bring the greatest memes every month on 12th. So, enjoy the latest memes of August 2k19. Here we go…… 1.) Checkout this post 2.) Checkout this post 3.) Checkout this post 4.) Checkout this post 5.) Checkout this post 6.) Checkout this post 7.) Checkout this post 8.) Checkout this […]

Top 10 Best Car Racing Games 2019

Picking the very best racing games on PC is no easy task. Many elements contribute, the genre’s not only about graphical fidelity and hair-raising sound design – though both certainly help. It’s also about pulling you into the action as if you’re there in the driver’s seat, eyes strained as the asphalt whips past at […]

Is gaming actually toxic to women?

Competitive online gaming is in its all-time high. Although we all enjoy it but, every now and then, we come across posts that claim it is toxic like: “Why don’t you use voice chat?”“Why can’t I find a girlfriend who plays video games?”“Why do you mute people who ask you if you’re a girl?” Gee, […]


Hey, guys today we are here with The Top 10 Best Bike Racing Games For PC. Bike racing games are really entertaining. Isn’t it? Especially if you get your hands on the perfect one. I remember playing Road Rash, a vintage which was packed with mind-blowing action and intense racing. Since, a lot of apps […]