Fortnite to Get a Special Crossover Event With Avengers Endgame

(WARNING : This article has some minor spoilers, please do not read further if you have not watched Avengers : Endgame) Epic Games is officially bringing the fight between the Avengers and Thanos to Fortnite’s battle royale mode. The crossover event will feature a new game mode which involves the battle between the Avengers and […]

Apple and Qualcomm settlement

Apple pays Qualcomm $9 billion for what?

Qualcomm, an American MNC with a billion dollar turnover derives most of its revenue from chip making. A bulk of its profits comes from patent licensing businesses. Earlier, Apple and Qualcomm had a good fortune together. Unfortunately, Apple faced legal issues about a chip patent and failed to pay any kind of royalty to Qualcomm. […]

most iconic game characters

Top 10 most Iconic Game Characters Ever

Games, they are not just something you play and forget, they are a feeling for gamers. Although, game characters are not real beings but sometimes they are more iconic than a real celebrity. So, here are 10 most iconic game Characters to ever exist. 10. Super Mario Super Mario is an Italian plumber who became […]

AI will shape the 6G network technology?

The mobile industry has revolutionized human evolution in a way that no other invention ever did. It would be hard to imagine the behemoth, the mobile industry has become without the internet. The latest introduction to the mobile communication industry — the 5th Generation of mobile communication or 5G — is currently being developed and […]

GTA 6 Spotted on a Rockstar Artist’s Resume

3D artist Bibin Michael was seen mentioning “designing vehicles for upcoming GTA 5 DLC and upcoming GTA 6” on his online portfolio. The resume also mentions few notable projects, and the same data has been spotted on his LinkedIn profile. Michael is currently employed at Codemasters, working on DIRT Rally, GRID and the F1 series, […]

PEPSI to defend Russian Gamers by displaying ads in space…..

A lot is discussed about the decision changes by PEPSI everytime. Following the same tradition, we came across a news – “PEPSI to defend Russian Gamers by displaying ads in space.” StarRocket’s Business Model A Russian company named– StarRocket– who embarks cube shaped satellites into space generally known as Cubesats. It then entangles to form […]

PUBG mobile on STEROIDS and on PC!

Don’t you hate getting emulator players in your match while you are busy ranking up on your 5-6″ inch mobile device? For those who want to get the PUBG PC action but don’t have ₹999 to spend on one game can have a shot at PUBG Lite. PUBG Lite has been released on PC for […]

Best Phones For PUBG in INDIA for every Budget in 2019

From the very first day of the release of PUBG MOBILE, it has been quite difficult to stop it’s fantasy. Especially in INDIA, craze is at it’s peak. So, here is the list of best gaming phones for PUBG seekers. The list is budget based. Category 1: ₹10,000 -₹20,000 5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro OS Android […]

WhatsApp may not allow you to take screenshots in the coming updates!

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging services around the world. It constantly roles out updates, sometimes useful but most of the time controversial. The next one in the line is no screenshot of chats. Well from the look of it you might think that it’s just a normal update which won’t allow […]

next pubg mobile update O.12.O

Mobile PUBG update : Zombie Darkest Night

PUBG isn’t been a stranger to anybody now. Enduring their long run PUBG Mobile has released a new update (0.12.0) for PUBG lovers . The update has breath taking features like Zombie : Darkest Night  and additionally you can spectate your friend’s match as well. Old patterns are removed since Event mode has been replaced […]