PS 5 Important Details That No One Shared

We all know that a company like sony would introduce all its Playstations with best Specification and looks. The new Sony PS 5 looks exceptional and special. Definitely, it looks like something out of a sci-fi. SPECIFICATION OF PS 5 1.) CPU OF PS 5 A variation of AMD’s third generation Ryzen processor. 8 cores […]

Are cryptocurrencies the future of finance?

Cryptocurrency! A digital currency brought up by the use of cryptography. It all started with the launch of BITCOINS in 2009. Since then, the growth has been tremendous. Thus, the Platform is all set for cryptocurrency to grab up all the money market. As we discussed in the previous article on cryptocurrency – LIBRA, will […]

Top 5 YouTubers Of PUBG Mobile Bring Life To Gamers

Enough has been said about this game i.e., PUBG. Now, its time to disclose its promoters. So, we are here with some PUBG stuff. It’s exactly as the title says — TOP 5 YouTubers of PUBG mobile. Every youtuber puts all possible efforts in order to bring useful content for all. Please subscribe to the […]

TikTok Videos Banned On ShareChat?

ShareChat is reportedly forced to take down TikTok videos from its platform. This is after they received notices stating that TikTok has exclusive rights over the content. #TikTok Videos Banned On ShareChat. It had exclusive copyright on certain content due to agreement between them and creators.¬†ShareChat has declined to comment. TikTok, owned by Chinese company […]

Red Dead Redemption is Being Remastered by Modders

It has been quite a few years since the release of Rockstar Games’ masterpiece. The game had managed to evade the PC platform for quite some time now. Modders have officially taken it upon themselves to release a standalone version for the PC. The project, called Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project, will be based […]

INDIANS Buying Gaming smartphones – Is It For PUBG?

It’s been too long, since we started posting about PUBG. This game (PUBG) is so much into the market. We are on the stage to hear such news : INDIANS Buying Gaming smartphones – Is It For PUBG? Definitely, it was a pre-planned masterstroke by TENCENT GAMES. Well, all this is just a way to […]


Since, we care for our readers. Thus, we keep on bringing useful contents for you. So, We are here with TOP 10 FPS GAMES FOR PC. 1.) COUNTER-STRIKE: Global Offensive This should be #1 permanently. Young kids started with Call of Duty. This is why they’re popular but no other game can ever defeat the […]

JioFiber Announced Its Gaming Console

Recently, Reliance Jio has introduced Jio Games as a part of the Reliance JioFiber at the AGM 2019. At the JioFibre launch event, Reliance demonstrated the gaming capabilities of the jio set top box, in brief about the console. Must be looking forward to enhance the model after release. HIGHLIGHTS The jio Set top box […]

Ransomware hackers hit nearly two dozen american cities

Ransomeware hackers hit 23 american cities of texas including the government agencies. Notably a well planned cyber attack. Ransomeware is a kind of destructor from Cryptovirology that forces the fatality to swallow out all their information or (say) data. Although, the title says it all for the article. Still, we have more to share about […]

Reddit’s New Feature – LIVE STREAMING

REDDIT undoubtedly is one of the most used social apps. It’s active users must be familiar with these kinds of words. Basically, you are anonymous to post almost anything you like on reddit. As their new update, REDDIT is on its way to launch the feature of LIVE STREAMING. R/PAN – REDDIT Public Access Network […]