Here is what happens when you play games for an hour

From a recent study, it is proven that an hour of gaming can increase your brain’s capacity to focus. Yes, it’s not just the physical games that reflects positive effects but video game or just watching the stream of video games does the similar effects. The mystery behind is simple. When we play them, our […]

Byju’s Acquires California-Based Educational Gaming Startup Osmo

Byju’s, India’s best-funded edtech startup, adds yet another milestone to their hat through the acquisition of Osmo, a startup based in California. Founded by Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholle, Osmo is an online platform that makes Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality products to “make learning fun”. They also harbor the power provided by Artificial Intelligence […]


Top 10 Esports Tournaments

With the population, as well as the popularity of gamers, increasing day-by-day (yay!!), we are very happy many organizations are starting to organizing tournaments for competitive gamers known as Esports Tournaments, We have compiled a list of Top 10 Esports Tournaments in the world. 10. DOTA 2 Asia Championships The Dota 2 Asia Championships started in […]

COX elite gamer services

An Internet specially for gamers? Worth it?

Woah! That title sounds interesting. Isn’t it? So, let’s start with some history. In 2017, the Federal Communications Commission disabled the net neutrality that began the competition, which company took the advantage off. And resultantly COX communication won the tournament. Firstly Brian Crecente at Variety reported that an American company COX communication has proposed a […]

PUBG Killer!? New Battle Royale game for mobile devices

NetEase recently announced their new game Cyber Hunter, a battle royale for mobile devices available on both Android and iOS. This is a first Sci-fi battle royale with elements of parkour, lasers, and futuristic gear. You play as a wanderer and wander around the 6×6 km map collecting supplies, killing enemies and at the end […]

Fortnite to Get a Special Crossover Event With Avengers Endgame

(WARNING : This article has some minor spoilers, please do not read further if you have not watched Avengers : Endgame) Epic Games is officially bringing the fight between the Avengers and Thanos to Fortnite’s battle royale mode. The crossover event will feature a new game mode which involves the battle between the Avengers and […]

Apple and Qualcomm settlement

Apple pays Qualcomm $9 billion for what?

Qualcomm, an American MNC with a billion dollar turnover derives most of its revenue from chip making. A bulk of its profits comes from patent licensing businesses. Earlier, Apple and Qualcomm had a good fortune together. Unfortunately, Apple faced legal issues about a chip patent and failed to pay any kind of royalty to Qualcomm. […]

most iconic game characters

Top 10 most Iconic Game Characters Ever

Games, they are not just something you play and forget, they are a feeling for gamers. Although, game characters are not real beings but sometimes they are more iconic than a real celebrity. So, here are 10 most iconic game Characters to ever exist. 10. Super Mario Super Mario is an Italian plumber who became […]

AI will shape the 6G network technology?

The mobile industry has revolutionized human evolution in a way that no other invention ever did. It would be hard to imagine the behemoth, the mobile industry has become without the internet. The latest introduction to the mobile communication industry — the 5th Generation of mobile communication or 5G — is currently being developed and […]

GTA 6 Spotted on a Rockstar Artist’s Resume

3D artist Bibin Michael was seen mentioning “designing vehicles for upcoming GTA 5 DLC and upcoming GTA 6” on his online portfolio. The resume also mentions few notable projects, and the same data has been spotted on his LinkedIn profile. Michael is currently employed at Codemasters, working on DIRT Rally, GRID and the F1 series, […]