Our Team

Our powerful and diligent team


Vikrant Chauhan

Founder / Lead Developer / Author


Hello, I am Vikrant Chauhan. I am a Techie and Gamer by heart. I am a firm believer of Karma and I hold the opinion “Hard work and Consistency beats Natural Talent.” I am glad to work with such a great team. 


Manan Arora

Co-Founder /  Developer / Author


Hello, I am Manan Arora. I am obsessed with programming and have a Penchant towards working with patience and perseverance. I have 1 true friend and I am more than happy with what I have in my life.


Ayush Mittal



Hello , I am Ayush Mittal.
I am a firm believer of “you will only achieve what you can think of. ” I am a lover of sports and music because both help in making our mind and body “sound”. I am preparing myself to make a mark in the corporate world.

paramvir dalal

Paramvir Dalal



Hello, I am Paramvir Dalal. I am a simple guy who believes in “Hardwork is the key to success.” I am a studious guy and I am very straight-forward, easy-going and open-minded. I love dabbling with computers

akshat saxena

Akshat Saxena



Hi! I am Akshat Saxena. I love gaming and I am a casual gamer myself. I believe that if you really enjoy doing something then that thing will turn out to be great. I love writing as I think it is the best  way of expressing your ideas

Arkadyuti Banerjee

Arkadyuti Banerjee



Hello, I am Arkadyuti Banerjee. Tech enthusiast and an avid gamer by heart. Strongly believes in the ideal “If you enjoy doing something, it’s never a waste of time and everything eventually works out.