Online Gamers- Main Focus Of Hackers

Phishers and Hackers are targeting mainly gamers just to steal their precious accounts and details to make a huge profit.

Did you gamers ever had the thought of removing your antivirus software or disabling the firewall. Just because it was interfering your gaming thoughts, it wouldn’t affect you at all? Well, that kind of thinking may be invalid today. You may be surprised to learn that Phishers and Hackers are targeting mainly gamers just to steal their precious accounts and details to make a huge profit.

As Akamai has claimed in their report —

The gaming industry has been targeted by hackers as they carried out 19 billion of credential stuffing attacks against gaming websites within a 17-month period (November 2017 to March 2019). Also, their report claims that around 55 billion credential stuffing attacks were detected.


The report introduces a new kind of packet injection attack called SQLI. This makes it possible to execute malicious SQL statements.

Hackers can use SQL Injection vulnerabilities to bypass application security measures easily. This kind of attack now represent 65.1% of all web application attacks with LFI attacks counting only to 24.7%. Thus, SQLI attacks have increased with time. In 2017, the SQLI attacks were counted at 44% of all kind of application layer attacks.

According to Martin McKeay (a security researcher at Akamai) , the spike of attacks in the gaming industry could be because of the exchangeability of gaming items. As those items could be either sold or exchanged for real money after the account theft (as gamers are a niche demographic known for spending money).

If your steam or origin account is connected with a valid banking card (credit/debit), then much more concern is required, as those hackers are giving more priority to these kinds of accounts over normal ones. And once these accounts are compromised, some unworthy people do more transactions with the details to obtain more in-game items. Items may be like skins or in-game currency and then dumping that account at mind’s peace.

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