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Since we all have heard about the amazon’s ALEXA. Would you believe if I say – Alexa is powering new games where you can control actions with your voice (Now Your Voice Will Play Games For You – ALEXA). Basically, Voice is a new gaming frontier. Pioneers of voice games are reimagining a whole new way to engage players and feed their curiosity. This indulges in interactive adventures, family-friendly games, and quiz games.

Now Your Voice Will Play Games For You – ALEXA. Imagine you’re on a voyage in deep space when you’re suddenly awakened by a cryo-slumber to discover your ship which is under siege. Still, partly in stasis, you get just one chance to save yourself and your crew. You need to steer the ship to safety—with only your voice.That’s the concept behind Vortex (a game from voice-first Portuguese studio Doppio, released earlier this year).

Amazon’s Alexa has more than 70,000 different skills. There are games like choose-your-own-adventures, trivia, and kid-centric options, as well as official or knock-off versions of TV favorites.

Since, many of them were developed when only the Echo and Dot were around. They often don’t require a screen, though some have now added features featuring a screen for the Show. Others require the new Echo Buttons, which let you buzz in for more competitive games.

Games to play with Alexa

Games to play with Alexa


This game is a mix up of two-party games: Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle. Alexa spins an imaginary bottle and will tell you who it lands on. From there, the play must choose truth or dare. There are 220 questions and tasks for Alexa to choose from, depending on the answer, so the games won’t get boring too quickly.

Rated: Mature


In this quick little mystery, you play an LAPD detective on the hunt for a missing woman. It seems practically impossible to permanently mess up this case, as it lets you rewind when your choice leads you to a dead end. It took us a fast but entertaining 15 minutes to solve the case.

Rated: Mature


When you hear Johnny Gilbert and Alex Trebek greet you upon firing up this skill, you know it’s the real deal. Each day, you’ll get to answer a question from six Jeopardy! categories. Prime subscribers get an extra six from the Double Jeopardy rounds for free; non-Prime members can pay $2 a month for these questions.

Rated: N/A

4.) SONG QUIZ :-

In this game, Alexa will play a snippet of the song and you have to decide either its artist or title. Get both correct for bonus points. You can choose a decade between the 1960s to and 2010s and play with friends in the room or solo. If you’re alone, the game will pit you against a stranger. Don’t worry, you don’t hear each other’s answers, just whether they got it right or wrong.

Every once in awhile, Alexa will let you know just how skilled you are: We were among the 18% that got both the title and artist for Sugar Ray’s “Every Morning.” It helped propel us to victory against Catherine from Georgia.

Rated: Parental guidance suggested


There aren’t a ton of games that work with the Echo Buttons yet, but this is one of them. In the two-to-four player anagram game, Alexa reads out a category, along with clues, word length, and each letter out of order. Players then buzz in when they think they have the answer. Based on the reviews, this is one of the least buggy Echo Button games.

Rated: N/A

Dave Isbitski “chief evangelist for Alexa and Echo, “said in an email that  gaming was a natural next step for Alexa, where games have emerged as some of the most popular applications; he cited a 160% increase in games over the past year. Since 2018, Isbitski said, billions of commands have asked Alexa to play games.

Venturing into voice-first gaming might seem odd for a company that acquired Twitch , the wildly popular platform for streaming and watching mostly conventional video games. But Isbitski states — voice games were a natural next step.

“It can help make gaming more communal,” he said. “Everyone can be in a room playing through a voice experience together, whether it’s an escape room or a dungeon.”

Finally, the statement —Now Your Voice Will Play Games For You – ALEXA— feels correct. Right? answer in the comment section.

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