Northgard Gets New Free Expansion; to Come to Consoles Later This Year

Shiro Games has had a serious of exciting announcements to make for the future of their strategy game Northgard. Firstly, the game will be getting a new expansion called Conquest. True to its name, Conquest puts the player in a procedurally generated world with random missions to complete. The new mode has tailor-made missions and objectives to make each playthrough radically different and allow players to put more hours in the game. The new mode is expected to be added in a future update to the game on October.

Shiro Games also announced that they will be bringing Northgard to the consoles. PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch will be getting the game on September 26. Shiro Games also plan to release a physical retail version of the game at that time featuring all major content found in the Steam version, including the base Ragnarok and Relics updates.

Shiro Games have confirmed their presence at Gamescom 2019, to present all major Northgard projects including a Northgard board game, though they have not revealed major details about it yet. Players can also expect a special reveal for their upcoming game Darkfury at Gamescom 2019.

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