Will Mobile Ruin All Other Gaming Platforms??

Is mobile gaming started to get serious

Online mobile gaming started getting popular in the early 90s where the games were too basic. They are not much interactive and until its a multiplayer game. Using puzzles and other interesting features whereas the flash games continued to remain popular in their own segment. However, the continuously upgraded technology has given a push to online mobile gaming. Along with several other factors including refined markets, more funding sources and static status of gaming among large developers. Thus, raising the question — Will Mobile Ruin Other Gaming Platforms??


Is mobile gaming started to get serious

The first true portable mobile devices became available to the public in 90s’. Along with them are some of the first commercially available mobile games which include Tetris and Snake. One of which will become an icon and are included in almost every classic Nokia phone (The Snake Game).

After that in 2008, we were introduced to the Apple App Store and the Android Market (now called Google Play Store). This was when mobile gaming really started. We saw games with better art, controls, sound, and high definition graphics.

In the beginning, mobile games were played only for casual entertainment. Sometime after, Games like Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies, Fruit Ninja, Temple Run came as quick time killers. They never ever played intensively, not unlike PC or Console games at that time.


Due to the average interface and limited applications, the earlier mobile games were used only in the SOS measures. As the time passed, the interface became more exhaustive. The creators understand the requirement of enhanced applications along with user-friendly interface. Hence, by introducing multimedia games, the interactive games and story-block games were presented in the smart feature phones of today. These mobile games turned out to be extremely popular with time. 

At the initial stages of 2000, seeing the potential of entertainment and growth in the latest technology. The gaming industry has prompted to leverage the development of advanced games by the manufacturers. However, as for the future, there stands a challenge for the conceptualizes, developers, and designers. To make the decades-old graphics and mechanics look cutting edge in sync with the modern games.

The latest craze for mobile games has gained popularity with the launch of PUBG in 2017. More than 50 million copies of PUBG have been sold across various platforms. With the increase in the sale of smartphones, this game has picked up big time. PUBG allows players to compete against other players in every corner of the world and even interact with them simultaneously.


The reason behind Mobile gaming quickly rose to stardom was because of how easy it is to enter its market. Also, the cost of mobile phones is a lot lesser than with PCs or Consoles. Mobiles phones under low budget 5k and 10k are also available for a little bit of heavy gaming. This is why mobile gaming started to get serious to rise high up above all the platforms

Is mobile gaming started to get serious

Another plus for mobile gaming is that most mobile titles, even the most famous ones, come at no cost at all. What’s even crazier is that when developers port their PC or Console games on mobile, it becomes free. The prime example of this is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Its a paid game on PC but became a free game when it entered the mobile scene. The low cost of getting a capable phone to the game and the free nature of well-known titles, made gaming on mobile very enticing.

Biggest Platform In Earnings

Is mobile gaming started to get serious

Thanks to the number of gamers chipping in on the whole microtransaction market of Mobile. As mobile games started to get serious mobile game is now regarded as the top-earning platform for games. Base on the Global Games Market Report by Newzoo. The games market is going to reach a $137.9 billion revenue this year. 51% of that projected market revenue is expecting to go to mobile gaming, which is about $70.3 billion. This is the first time that mobile will take such a huge chunk of the market, even beating both the earnings of PC and console combined. Hope you found your answer. #Will Mobile Ruin All Other Gaming Platforms??

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