Mad to insane – A real life PUBG now? 😱

Winner takes £100,000 home directly!!

Playing too much of PUBG (player unknowns battle grounds)? Many of us have come so far that we are just one step away to peep out of our consoles and smartphones and find a place in real life. However, it felt quite impossible to hear about a millionaire who is planning something similar. I found it complete madness as well as true love for gaming.

Hush Hush !!

Everything started through a post on a luxury website, hush hush, put on by a millionaire or maybe a billionaire requesting for a perfectionist in the game making field. Basically, he wants a team of brilliant people to design a real arena for him on a private island which would allow around 100 people to play PUBG physically (real life) for three days. However, the contestants will be provided with Airsoft guns, ammo and touch-sensitive body armour instead of real-life guns and live ammo. 

Winner gets £100,000 (approx. Rs. 1 crore)

Currently, this unknown millionaire is in the process of finding extraordinary people to make a team. This group will resultantly help in the making of setup. As decided, the winner of this Airsoft contest will be awarded £100,000 (approx 1 crore rupees). The man behind is also seeing this as an annual event instead of an on-off one.

12 hrs – 3 days, get ready to fight!!

The 3 days game will be played 12 hours each day without spilling out a single drop of blood. Organizers will take care of all requirements time to time including food, clothing, camping gear, and other necessary equipments. All the players will be kept under tight security secretly. Moreover, the post on the hush hush included some offers in favour of the applicants connected through website. Offer embodied of giving free entry as audience at the location. However, it’s not cinched yet to make it appear privately or publicly.

Since, this is just a little glimpse of the whole plan revealed by them. We just can’t rely on this small amount of information. May be this was fake or just to attract some crowd or could be very real too. What do you think? Reply me in the comments section!

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