Latest Pokemon Game Earned $26 million In Just A Week

If a game is getting popular at a faster rate from the very beginning. Then, there has to be something unique and great in that game. Pokemon Masters was launched just about a week ago by DeNA (developers of the game) and POKEMON (The Company) . It is now 2nd Highest earner after Pokemon Go ($56 million) in the market in the first week earners category. Pokemon Masters was launched in over 60 countries. This game is eligible to be played on any platform. Sensor Tower Reported — Latest Pokemon Game Earned $26 million In Just A Week of its launch.

Apple App Store brought 72% of the revenue

DeNA is Japanese mobile game designer with star games like Mario Kart Tour, Final Fantasy already designed. 72% of the earnings of Pokemon Masters are due to the Apple App Store and the remaining from the Google Play Store. More than 17% of it was from US users i.e, $4.5 million. Hong Kong, Taiwan and France are also in the top list. The first four days proved to be the key factor since there were over 10 million active users on these days.

Pokemon Go Did More Buisness

Pokemon Go was a game launched in just 5 countries initially. This disadvantage wasn’t enough to leave this game behind by Pokemon Masters. Rather Pokemon Masters is still nowhere closer to Pokemon Go. Another demerit was the lesser use of mobile gaming in the past times. Latest Pokemon Game Earned $26 million, still Pokemon Go is far above this latest pokemon game.

Features In Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters consists of some old characters like Misty and Brock while other characters shall be new. Moreover, this a global game giving access to pair players all across the globe. For 3 on 3 battle matches in island in pasio, there are in game purchases available. Would you do this amazing in game purchasing? Comment below!

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