JioFiber Announced Its Gaming Console

Recently, Reliance Jio has introduced Jio Games as a part of the Reliance JioFiber at the AGM 2019.

At the JioFibre launch event, Reliance demonstrated the gaming capabilities of the jio set top box, in brief about the console. Must be looking forward to enhance the model after release.


  • The jio Set top box will be compatible with all popular gaming controllers.
  • Jio hasn’t specified the specification of the set top box console about its upgradation.
  • Jio didn’t ever mentioned whether their games will be available from third-party retailers or its own app store.

Specifications and details

Reliance announced that the Jio set-top-box will apparently support almost all gaming controllers. It will also work through a soft controller on the smartphones of users.

It was not mentioned we will need to download it or will it be present in the Jio App. The Jio set-top-box will support gameplay in 4K which puts it right up there with the other top consoles.

Moreover, Players will be able to join their friends via video conferencing for a session of social gaming. Reliance claims that JioGigaFiber will provide zero latency for games played on the set-top-box.

Leading gaming companies have teamed up with Reliance Jio to put forward their games. Games from these companies are expected to be available on the Jio Games section in the Jio set-top-box.

These companies include Microsoft Game Studios, Riot Games, Tencent Games, Gameloft.

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