Is the Blackhole image really the work of a single Woman?

After about a century later, Albert Einstein gave his theory about black holes, we were finally able to see it for the first time. On, 10th April 2019, NASA realeased the first ever picture of Black Hole. The sole credit for the picture was given to the algorithm written by Katie Bouman by the mainstream media.

Katie bouman
Katie Bouman

Katie Bouman is MIT graduate in computer science. She wrote the algorithm for capturing the black hole image which took 5 petabytes of data. Now questions everywhere is ,is it correct to give complete credit to Katie Bouman?

To implement the Katie Bouman algo 9,00,000 (9 lakh) lines of coding was required. She just wrote 0.26 percent of it (~2410 lines) while the rest was written by contributor Andrew Chael. In fact there was a whole team behind making this mission succeful but media is diverting the whole victory credits to Katie Bouman.

Andrew Chael and Katie Bouman
Andrew Chael and Katie Bouman

This is the victory of this entire team should not be created to single person.

Now , take a look how Katie Bouman is seeing the successful chase to capture the black hole image.
On the day of the release, Katie Bouman twitted

Katie Bouman posted on Facebook
Katie Bouman posted on Facebook

but media is promoting this news with individual’s victory . Example CNN published it as

Our thoughts:

The mainstream media is making general public to believe a team discovery as a single person’s discovery .
It is the duty of the Media to bring “honest” content to the public and not glorify a single person for the work that took blood and sweat of many .

I request the readers to put their comment on is it justified or completely wrong how media uses its liberty while covering news to show biased news to get better views? How is that justified?

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