Is Haptics Technology The New Boss?

A generation having a blast of diverse technologies in numerous fields all around the world. Especially, people in the computer science field have followed a really advance approach. Human senses and gestures are one of the most common ways to interact with the technology and computer science. Is Haptics Technology The New Boss?

Haptics Technology too is one masterpiece in this side perhaps. Basically, the science of applying touch sensation and control to interact with computer developed applicationsĀ is the best of its definitions. Since, this technology is entirely related to be able to touch virtual objects, Is Haptics Technology The New Boss? Although, exact details are still left to discover. I feel its more like the Sixth Sense Technology.

How is it implemented and Is Haptics Technology The New Boss?

Majority of the electronic devices are based on vibration. It senses the touches and acts accordingly. Some newly released products and devices like Apple’s MacBooks and iPHONE promoting Taptic Engine. Piezoelectric Actuators are also an important part of vibration. Getting Force Feedback is also one of the features. Some devices use motors to implement the movement of items by users in an effective and attractive way.

Non- Contact Haptics Technology delivers the sense of touches to virtual objects without actually touching the surfaces physically.


Applications of Haptics is a never ending list. It is used in diverse fields such as gaming and robotics. Arts and Designing, Medical, Biomechanics, Neuroscience and the list is uncountable.

One of the most popular is the Video Gaming. Arcade games like car and bike racing is mainly the result of Haptic Feedback. Game Controllers like Joysticks, remotes and Steering Wheels were also made using this technology only.

Many more devices like personal computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and again countless are made using same. Hence, we found it to be a really game changing technology. What do you think about it? Comment Below!!!

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