Is gaming actually toxic to women?

Competitive online gaming is in its all-time high. Although we all enjoy it but, every now and then, we come across posts that claim it is toxic like:

Is gaming really that toxic for women?

We are with ‘NO’, for women in particular. Online competitive gaming is, YES, I am saying that is TOXIC in general. It doesn’t matter if it is a woman or a man or an alien we captured from area 51, online gaming is toxic to everyone (and we like it the way it is).

Although we do NOT support toxicity in any shape or form (except if it’s toxicity by the system of a down xD.). But, we may have deciphered why it is toxic in the first place.

We see the following reason for gamers to actually get to the point that they are considered toxic:

1. The idea of online gaming itself

YES, as stupid as it may sound, but the idea of online gaming itself makes it toxic. Back in the day, playing Pong with your brother and getting beaten by him an awful lot of times defined competitive gaming. In contrast, today, with the rise of the Internet, the idea has completely changed. Now, with just a click of a button, we can get into a build off with virtually anybody in the whole world in Fortnite. As more and more people from different places and beliefs start to play together. This causes a rise in conflicts and anger.

toxic angry gamer

2. The ranking system

Games today have a ranking system that defines the skill set of a person and matches the player with players of equal rank. But, it happens a lot that we are stuck in a particular rank for a lot of time. It simply sucks to be stuck, be it a toxic relationship or a rank. Just imagine, you took off from your work determined to play all day and finally get our of that silver rank in CS: GO. But, you get matched with some absolute dork of a player and rank down because of him!!!! (I have been there, and it sucks.)

3. The punishment

By the punishment, I mean what you have to face after you die in a round. Earlier, dying in Mario, you would have to listen to that sweet sound and then you go again (Ah shit, Here we go again). But today, if you die early in a CS: GO competitive round, you have to watch the complete round while being yelled at by a 9 Y.O. who claims to have done “things”(ahem ahem!!) with your mother. Dying early in PUBG while your whole squad is alive. DON’T EVEN DARE IMAGINE THIS TORTURE. Hence, ultimately, as the punishment of dying in a game is much higher today. Therefore, it is much more frustrating to die. And not to mention, if you die because that dorky teammate blocked your way, God save him!!

toxic gamer breaks keyboard

4. Nobody actually likes losing

Gaming is not a mere time pass for us gamers. It is a feeling. Moreover, it is a lifestyle. When we are soo emotionally connected to a game we just can’t take it when we lose. Further, it’s not just about Gaming, take any sport, when you are into it, you just can’t take it to lose. Further, some games are made to make you lose, it seems just yesterday CarryMinati broke his monitor while playing Getting Over It. (Well, that because it was yesterday!!). And that game!!!!!!

Well, this brings us to the conclusion that Gaming is not toxic specifically for women, it is toxic to everyone. If you have a story that ruined your day because of toxicity in the gaming world. Submit your story to us here and we will feature it on our Website, our Facebook page, and our Youtube channel. #Weareagainsttoxicgaming

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