Is Esports Replacing Traditional Sports?

Is Esports Replacing Traditional Sports? Now, this is obvious to ask seeing the current scenario in a nutshell. People are moving from physical sports to online one. We call it Esports. It is definitely unrealistic but some of the games online improve mind functioning and other factors. Things become worse when its just about sitting on a chair for more hours regularly.

Esports is no doubt completely ready to stand against traditional sports. Its also the FASTEST GROWING SPORTS and the first sport after football that is fully global. Esports has earned a lot of respect in minimum amount of time. Esports has become one of the largest industries in itself. Various category are include video streaming, online gaming, ingame purchasing and at a loop.

History of Esports

Esport’s journey from a video game competition in 1972 at Stanford University. This competition was played for the game – Spacewar (Intergalactic Spacewar Olympics). Thereafter in Atari, the first largest competition. Space Invaders Championship was held by Atari in 1980. A good amount of crowd gathered in there including around 10,000 participants from US.

Before the 21st century, this industry started to grow. Internet connectivity played a major role here. MOBA games ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena ) became a great success and proved to be a turning point. Major games under MOBA for that time were League of Legends (2009) and Dota 2 (2011, 2013). At this point league of legends has over 100m players. From that time Twitch also came into the industry and rest is history.

Future of Esports Will Answer — Is Esports Replacing Traditional Sports?

We basically found five factors that can be considered as the future deciders of Esports.

1.) Diversity of Game Genres

2.) Geographic Expansion of Leagues

3.) Regulation of Competitions

4.) Ownership of Media Rights

5.) Alignment of Digital & Traditional Media

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