Interview With an Indian National Level CS-GO Player!

A few months back The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) along with Elite Esports of India and SRM Chennai hosted an inter-university CS-GO Championship. We got hold of one of the winners from the tournament.

This is our interview with a very talented and upcoming esports player Amartya Gogoi, a student of SRM IST, Chennai and having his home in Assam

GIT(GameItToday): Can you tell us about some of your recent achievements?

Amartya: I won a few small College tournaments and won the Nationals for CS GO  

GIT: Nationals? That’s amazing. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Amartya: Well it was the first proper LAN event we ever played, the number of teams that participated were less, but the competition was good. We have got young CS GO talent all over the country.

GIT: Good to hear that students are actively taking part in esports too. And moving on, do you play on a laptop or do you have your own pc?

Amartya: In the college tournaments mostly, we take our laptops as PC’s, if provided by the college they are not that good, and we are not allowed to take our PC’s. So, in the end, we take our laptops for college tournaments and practice and play online on our PC’s.

GIT: Great! Tell me about the specifications of your PC.

Amartya: Its nothing great but enough to make it a decent build for gaming. The processor is an Intel Xeon X3440 with 16 GB RAM and an RX 580 graphics card. A 144 Hz monitor and a SteelSeries Rival 300.

GIT: That is fantastic. Now for a casual gamer, how much FPS do you recommend for proper gaming?

Amartya: Personally, on my system, I get somewhere between 250 to 300 FPS on CS GO. In my opinion for competitive gaming, you need at least 150 fps. The more the better. For casual gaming high frames don’t matter that much. Getting a better monitor does help though as 60 Hz is just shitty. I would say get at least 144 Hz or 240 Hz if you want to go crazy.

GIT: Getting such high-end products does cost money. So, tell us more about how you got into gaming? And in the semi-pro scene of CS GO?

Amartya: My father due to his profession got transferred a lot earlier so it was hard for me to make friends, rather stay friends with them so I got my head into gaming. So, one of my friends who used to play a lot of COD introduced me to the cracked version of it and it all started there. I liked it and got the hang of it. Later, when I started college my friends introduced me to CS GO and after that, there was no stopping.

GIT: In college, only you started CS GO? And to get to such a good level it must have taken a lot of practice. So how did you manage your time?

Amartya: In the starting, I was able to manage both gaming and studies, but as my love for CS grew it became much harder.

GIT: What about your parents? How did they react to your decision?

Amartya: It was hard for them to understand about esports at first but after they saw me happy after winning a tournament, I think they started to accept it. Esports as a career is unsure but I am very passionate about it and my parents are supporting me a lot.

GIT: That’s great and all our wishes are with you.

Amartya: Thanks a lot!

GIT: Now coming back to the Nationals, did you have your own team, or you met new people and made a team later?

Amartya: My college held an Intra College tournament and had the selection process based on performance in the tournament.

GIT: So, it was a new team. Wasn’t it difficult to get along with each other?

Amartya: We all went along just fine with each other for a team that was just built from scratch. As our team had a couple of final year students, we will be having changes in our teams and it will become a little bit more difficult as everyone had a specific role and it will change along with the recruitment of new players.

Team members Badri (Gumba) Mohan; Suraj (SurajS) Sanjay; Amol (amOx) Kulkarni; Aubhropratim (klue) Manna; Amartya (doodoo) Gogoi

GIT: What about your practice schedule?

Amartya: I practice every day, an hour of deathmatch (community) then regular pugging (Faceit or SoStronk).

GIT: Your views on the gaming scene in India? Do you see any changes?

Amartya: It’s growing. Finally, we can see eSports taken seriously by colleges and it has only started growing. Great to see a step in the right direction.

GIT: Any suggestions for people who want to enter competitive eSports?

Amartya: Just do it. If I can do it, you can do it better. The grind never stops.

GIT: Great words! In your opinion, what changes did gaming bring to you?

Amartya: It made me more of a calm and composed person than before and my thinking has become more rational thinking about everyone and not just me.

GIT: Moving towards the end of the interview what are your thoughts on the interview and GameItToday?

Amartya: It was a fun experience and thanks a lot to GameItToday for this and spreading the word about eSports.

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