We all use the internet for searching, emailing, gaming, music and for many other things. Every time we request anything from the internet it delivers us the corresponding data in small data packets.

Internet blackholes

But when some of these packets go missing and can not be tracked through any technique . that is where we use this term internet black hole for the missing data.

Cases :

In 1991, The main board of NASA sent them a message when NASA was about to launch but they did not receive it. That was the first time when missing of digital data report was filed.

Again in 2002, NASA sent an important message which got lost again in server media.
In 2005, Ameriprise Financial, an American company faced the same problem of missing data. This company was dealing with missing data of 3 lakh customers. Thereafter the cybersecurity and networking experts checked out for data but there was no evidence of hacking or tracing.
Thereafter, they gave it the term internet black hole.

Now in 2016-2017, Yahoo declared that the data of its fifty crore users is not secured. They declared be careful about everything you put on your account.

This is still an unsolved mystery. There can be several possible answers like data damaging, hacking, networking crime, etc but none of any is proved yet. Leave your comment in the comment box about any possible way to stop this.

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