INDIANS Buying Gaming smartphones – Is It For PUBG?

It’s been too long, since we started posting about PUBG. This game (PUBG) is so much into the market. We are on the stage to hear such news : INDIANS Buying Gaming smartphones – Is It For PUBG?

Definitely, it was a pre-planned masterstroke by TENCENT GAMES. Well, all this is just a way to predict. The actual bulletin is the rapid increase in the gaming mobiles consumption. Creators report that mobiles including Black Shark, Nubia and Asus are in great demand between INDIANS.


Creators to inflate the production rate

A chart depicting global games market from 2018 survey.

The chart above clears how dominantly has the MOBILE GAMING come up. More than 50% of the REVENUE is acquired by games played through mobiles. This all is on the road due to prominent games like PUBG , CALL OF DUTY , FORTNITE.

According to surveys, especially PUBG has took mobile gaming on another levels. Number of users while playing games are more on mobiles than any other gaming source. Thus, INDIANS are Buying Gaming smartphones in bulk.

Mobile features matter badly

Brilliant mobile features bring a lot of crisp to the gaming life. More for those who play totally on mobiles. A breathtaking battery life and cooling system. Stupendous RAM (storage) and processor working. All these features add real life to gamer’s soul.

At times, how does your mobile looks? This also matters. Rather looks and features enter in with different prices. It’s always upto one with the money in hand. We always have priorities and budgets. They only make us decide. Your gaming love must come above everything non – basic in your life if you have a budget problem.

Recommended Mobiles

BLACK SHARK 2 was the highest rated (4.7/5) smartphone in its 1st month of launch sold on FLIPKART. Also, mobiles phone’s list include ONE PLUS 7, HONOR, OPPO and many others.

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