Indian Gaming Industry is on a BOOM!

The Indian Gaming Market currently stands at about 5540 crores in the financial year 2018-19. It is believed that it will grow more and more in the coming few years. The increase is found to be 22.1% CAGR aiming to take it up to 11,880 crores by the year 2023 as per KPMG India.

A couple of months back Nodwin Gaming along with Viacom18 partnered together to host the first Indian edition of Dreamhack which took place in Mumbai. Dreamhack, the biggest LAN party organizer in the world gave India the first experience of a digital festival.

As for several gamers in India, the number of gamers is expected to touch 310 million by 2021, up from 120 million in 2016. According to experts, 2018 saw the addition of 75-90 million gamers to the fraternity in India.

The sudden increase in the number of gamers was due to the production of low-cost smartphones amongst the urban and rural population.

It is not just the number of gamers that are increasing in the country. Indian participation in global tournaments in e-sport categories has also given the industry a push.

Gamers love spending money on the games they love. Remember the last dazzling skin you bought in CSGO? Or that fancy costume in PUBG Mobile to flex in front of your friends?

The most preferred price point for Indian gamers is less than Rs 500. Around 15 percent of gamers spend anywhere between Rs 1000 and Rs 3000 on games, and six percent spend anywhere between Rs 3000 and Rs 10,000.

While the situation has been conducive for gamers, the market is also favorable for developers.  Local companies are evolving from being a service provider to end-to-end game developers.

“Surprisingly, close to 100 games are being developed in India for the international market every year,” said Rajan Navani, managing director and CEO of JetSynthesys, With other original titles such as Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Sea of Thieves and others in the kitty, India is also fast becoming a hub for game development catering to markets like US, China, Japan, and Europe.

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