How will Stadia effect future of gaming?

Unless someone has been on Internet detox for the past week, we all know about Google Stadia. For those who were, Google Stadia is supposedly the Netflix of Gaming i.e it’s a cloud gaming subscription service. It does not require any additional computer hardware and can “hypothetically” run on any hardware, even on that old laptop sitting around in your home with no use at all. All it requires is a great internet connection. Now it’s the time to discuss its effect on the future of Gaming.

Stadia vs Hardware
Stadia vs Hardware

Positive effects on Gaming

Stadia helps us Game with no need for any additional hardware. This means, no expensive computers, no special consoles. Moreover, it is a cross-platform service. So, in simple terms, you can play GTA V on your Android phone. Yay! Now more and more people can play games they weren’t able to play because of hardware restrictions.
Further, Google’s entry could be really good for companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo (The hardware giants of gaming) as it will force them to decide if they want to commit to improving their hardware or shift towards their already existing idea of Cloud Gaming.
(PlayStation Now and Project xCloud).

Negative effects on Gaming

There is a lot to say about the cons of this vision. The biggest issue of all will be having an ideal internet connection to support the Game Streaming service which isn’t possible everywhere. Just by taking the example of India, a country in which gaming is expanding day by day the internet speeds are among the worst compared to other parts of the world.

Moreover, considering countries like South Africa and Ireland where Internet bills will drill holes in users’ pockets, the service will ultimately cost much more than buying a console and running games on it.
As cool as we think it is, this is all extremely scary. Looking at the business factor, if Stadia succeeds and works as advertised, it will destroy both, the console and PC hardware market and Google will have a monopoly on the delivery system for games (Just like the whole internet) unless other companies like Microsoft for starters can compete.

In my opinion, Google Stadia is a great idea but it will take a lot of time to become feasible and be accepted worldwide. So, it seems like our beloved PC Master Race and Consoles aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So you can relax and Game On while we prove you with more information on the topic. You can subscribe to GameItToday‘s Newsletter and Notifications to get awesome content delivered to you, till then;


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