How GOOGLE knows you better than your mom does?


My internet bill is mailed to me by my ISP on the 5th of every month and I receive a notification from Google every 12th because the due date is 13th. My college ends at 16:30hrs and I receive notification from Maps precisely at 16:00 every Monday-Friday telling about traffic on my route. All this happens without me setting it up. Strange right? I guess not and Google knows why!!

Google is one of the most valuable global brands in the world. We can’t even imagine where the modern internet would have stood if it wasn’t there. But, the Behemoth it has become is owed to how it “manages” its and our data. Irrespective of if we like it or not, Here are some tactics Google uses to collect our information and how it probably knows more about us than our Mom

There are these two approaches that Google uses: Active Approach and Passive Approach.

your -are-being-tracked-google
your -are-being-tracked-google
Active collectionPassive collection
When you as a consumer intract with GOOGLE product and provide choices,emails etc when the info is collected with your knowledge like form thebackend of a app running on your android

What GOOGLE does with the collected data?

The b sells it and uses it to train AI models, create better versions of products, predict the emotions, future actions, and behavior of Humans (Whaaaaat!!!!).

According to a report, more than 80% of Google’s total revenue comes just from its ad business. In the last quarter, the company earned $32.6 billion from ads and just $6.6 billion from other sources .

Google AI

Time isn’t far when The Big G will guess the last day of a person as soon as the person takes his first breath. lol!

Average data collection from one day

The internet isn’t filled with Google, most of the internet is Google. The big G has a lot of original apps which keep on working and connecting your device with the local network to keep a track on your running, walking, searching, hosting and speculations are your mood as well. (We can’t be sure about this because this information is not from a verified source).

The Maps records your commute, Chrome records your surfing history, YouTube keeps a track on your video watching and much more. There are also speculations child of Alphabet records every Alphabet you say. Yes!! Google may be listening to you. According to a prediction, a one-day routine shows up 40 percent of our lifestyle.

android apps are the  main data collectors
android apps are the main data collectors

GOOGLE scans your emails and generate the respective ads

Google scans your email to identify your interests. It can even track appointments based on contextual information in a mail. The big G customizes its ads based on the content of the emails you send and receive.

There is no particular action against it or to stop it. Android and Chrome are key platforms in Google’s data collection drive. So its better we take care of what we want to store and what we don’t ourselves.

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