Video games are those entertainment essentials where digital technology has worked like a miracle to enhance user experience. Game-specific technology has evolved a great deal after entering into the mainstream world. It also brought one surprise after another for gamers who desired more excitement in games. We are here to share with you the hidden secrets of gaming and technology that include some advancements too.


Too lazy to pick up that controller? No problem! Voice-controlled gaming has been around for a while. The potential of using the technology in gaming systems has finally caught up reality. Computers are now easily able to recognize voice commands from the user. All thanks to revolutionary progress in this field.

You can now go controller-free while playing your favorite video games. Users can now control their game consoles and gameplay easily. You can also access your social media and play tracks from the media library.


3D scanning and the facial recognition system are one of the amazing advances in gaming technology.  It allows the system to create your own replica in the live video game. Using this technology, gamers can enjoy the real feeling of fighting in battle.

This inventive approach also includes the process of transferring your original expressions to the digitally virtual world. Intel RealSense 3D camera is one remarkable innovation. It helps mobile game developers to design games that cleverly adapt to human emotions. Therefore, it can adapt to human emotions by scanning 78 different points on their face.


Modern mobile game developers are shifting from hardware systems to cloud computing services. Developers are looking to lighten the load with the cloud. Cloud system allows developers to reduce the burden and enjoy with flexibility.

Unlike conventional gaming consoles that need physical memory disc. As a result, the cloud has no such limitations and enables extensive game servers. The dynamic images will be streamed via the internet to the user’s device screen.


Enter the new world of high-resolution graphics and forge the old displays. While mobile game designers are using technical sound and spectacular graphics. They need proper display quality to support and enhance the visuals. The pricing for 4K display experience was initially higher when first launched in televisions and laptops.

Over the years, the cost went down enough to be adopted for watching your best-loved games. So far 1080p was supposed to be an HQ quality of pictures. Rather with vivid colors, vibrant and crisp visuals of 4K displays, you can take your gaming beauty to all-new extremes.


Get ready for never before seen immersive experience as you are about to step into the ultimate virtual reality. The best part about VR technology is that users are guaranteed to get the ultimate fantasy-like gaming world.

VR game developers are still in the process of releasing commercial VR-based gaming consoles and headsets in the market. Once they are out, gamers will surely brag about the kind of stimulation they experience in their senses through VR headset displays.


e-Sports is a live video gaming event that takes the shape of international tournaments. Esports are growing internationally which will possibly become a trend in 2018. Based on the current growth of the e-Sports market and increasing love for digital sports.

Marker leaders firmly state that e-Sports type of games has become a true rival for real sports played physically. And they are slowly securing more fans than traditional games. Technologies like these justify the secrets of gaming and technology in a clear way. Isn’t it?


Smartphones have definitely revolutionized the world of digital gaming. By changing from the big screen of TV or computers to a compact screen of user devices. Mobile games liberate users from the living room trap. It also enables them to enjoy a similar experience even on the go.

The trend for mobile gaming has successfully disengaged countless gamers from one-room console experience to small-screen magic.


The technology goes beyond just voice commands and has the capability to interact with gamer’s hand gestures. It is all about how enjoyable the gaming experience gets for gamers. Here intel real sense allows you to play first-person shooter games. Therefore, it simply interacts with your device with just a few waves of your hand.

It Uses a 3D camera that tracks 22 separate points in your hand. It connects users with their gaming experience by using the natural movements of your body.

Hence, this was all about the secrets of gaming and technology. What did you already knew? Reply in the comments section.

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